Should GMO foods have to be labelled as such?

Asked by: subdeo
  • Yes, of course!

    I am doing a research project on GMO foods, and I have learned a lot. Although GMOs are considered safe, the FDA warns that there could be unforeseen and dangerous effects, including the creation of more allergens. If an individual knows that they are allergic to a certain additive in GMO foods, then they should be able to avoid it. Having a label with a warning could potentially save lives.

  • Yes of course.

    Organic foods are labelled as such so why shouldn't GMO foods be? People should be able to see what exactly is in the food they're buying - it's done with 'normal' everyday foods in respect to their ingredients and there place of produce. Since GMO foods are such a big issue to many it would only be proper to have to label them, otherwise the only ones benefiting would be the manufacturers.

  • GMO foods should have to be labelled

    Many people (myself included) think that GMO foods are unhealthy and it is my belief that people have the right to see on their food's packaging whether or not it is GMO so that they can make health choices as they see fit. What does everyone else think about this topic?

  • GMO foods aren't hurting anyone.

    You can't just say that GMO foods are unhealthy. If they are not labeled. How are you even supposed to know that they are GMO foods? They are the same, if not better than natural foods. Natural foods are probably even worse. Who knows what's been done to those animals? Who knows where they came from? Meat being shipped overseas is never good. So you could say that both are equally as unhealthy.

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