Should God let certain rotten evil people off Scot free, If they ultimately repent in this life, Should they still be held accountable?

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WisdomOfAges says2020-04-17T20:09:09.520
TYPICAL. . . Of a hypnotized and brainwashed GOD? (which GOD) contaminated BRAIN. . .

YES HUMAN. . . Behind your eyes is a BIO COMPUTER. . A mass of fleshy material that is a biological circuit board. . . YOU are programmed
by others with content designed to ENSLAVE you to OBEY a construct of some GOD and the absurd DOGMA they attach to it. YOU
serve HUMANS who play GOD and YOU are totally brainwashed 24/7 to OBEY. . . The algorythms planted in your neural network. . .
24/7 you are trapped in a PROGRAM MAZE without an exit as long as you accept the terms. . . CONDITIONING. . . . Planted between your ears.

The GOD you worship. . Is a NO SHOW GHOST PUPPET TOOL. . . Historically the GODS come and go like the humans who invent them.

ZEUS. . ODIN. . ++ to many to list. . . Are now relegated to MYTHOLOGY for entertainment by in their TIME they were GODS!

TODAYjust a few remain MAINSTREAM in human consciousness. . . Yet there were thousands over the last 7-8000 years of so called recorded history. . . Where are they NOW? In some kind of GOD DISNEYLAND?

How is it POSSIBLE that humans MURDER and DESTROY over the 3 remaining Middle East GODS? JEW GOD - JESUS - ALLAH?
Why doesn't EACH GOD actually show up to demand HE? Or IT? Is the ONLY GOD of GODS? Because all 3 are human fabricated PUPPETS
and never existed in the first place. . They are merely TOOLS used to create an IDENTITY. . . Nothing more. . An identity that is PURE ILLUSION. .

An IDENTITY that exists as informantion wrapped into a PROGRAM and used to BRAINWASH the BRAIN. . The BODY has no religious affiliation

THE BODY IS A TOOL. . It cannot be LABELED as JEW-CHRISTIAN-MUSLIM etc. . . Only the BRAIN's circuit board. . . The GOD is nothing more than
a PROGRAM in a biological computer = BRAIN. . .

GOD. . . The word was invented by a CATHOLIC PREIST in 400 AD. . . The word GOD never existed in humanity for the 7-8000 years before the
word was INVENTED. . . It comes from a now extinct germanic language used 400 AD Gothic times. . .

GOD. . . 3 letters = "G" for genius "O" for OF "D" for deception. . . And that is an irrefutable fact. . .

If humans truly BELIVED that their GOD? (puppet) was all about anything but using FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE for mind and life
CONTROL then the GODS would be an inspiration TOOL and NOTHING MORE. . . History proves. . HUMANS create and use GODS for
POWER and CONTROL. . . Especially the total destruction of the free will "OPEN MIND" which is the greatest THREAT to the GOD hoax

NO human ever needs any GOD to EXIST and THRIVE on this planet. . . .
brodiescott76 says2021-03-18T17:58:23.327
Repentance is by definition not getting off scott free.

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