• Every move you take it is watching

    I say we fight! GoGuardian took my sensitive information, And the needs to be avenged!

    The thing knows your physical location and can steal you cookies, It falls under the category of malware, To be precise, SPYWARE, Its can disable your webcam, And is a breach of the law! GoGuardian is useless, Unless people want their computers hacked

    Now for some shameless advertising, Try out Avast free antivirus, Which blocked 200, 000 tracker from the spyware in a day

    Click this link for an absolutely free download.

    Https://www. Avast. Com/en-us/lp-ppc-hp-v4? Ppc_code=013&ppc=a&gclid=d2065fb5c9a6150666a53f72749ac2c2&gclsrc=3p. Ds&msclkid=d2065fb5c9a6150666a53f72749ac2c2&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=en-us_ava_sch_brn_exc_bng_dtp&utm_term=free%20avast%20antivirus&utm_content=top-avast_antivirus_free-exact#pc

    Not only does GoGuardian track your location eat up cookies, And slow your computer, But it was created by dipshits who think they're better than VPN.

  • One of the biggest problems!

    I've seen people say that since the school owns the Chromebooks that they should be able to monitor everything at all times and that if kids want privacy they should use their own devices. However, For some kids, Their school Chromebooks are their only way to have a personal life because they don't have a phone or any electronics/devices of their own (like me for example) and not everyone has the money to have their own device. GoGuardian eliminates any and all privacy they could possibly have. Some may say that's a good thing but in reality, Everyone (including students) deserves privacy, And taking that away can be damaging. I can see why teachers would want to monitor what kids are doing during school hours but on GoGuardian you can be monitored 24/7 which is more than just annoying. Using my own personal experience as an example, My school Chromebook is my only way to have a personal/social life at the time of writing this which is INCREDIBLY important to me and so many other kids. My mom can't afford to get me my own phone, And lately, My life has been incredibly stressful. To put my situation into some perspective, My mom has cancer, I've been struggling with my mental health, There are LOTS of family issues, As well as other stressors but I'm not here to go into my problems. With everything currently going on in my life, I NEED time to just be myself, And my Chromebook is the only way to have that. GoGuardian is just another stressor I don't need. Nobody really needs GoGuardian and that's the honest truth.

  • Annoying and stupid

    The teacher has to much access and is very annoying to me and will not get there tiny little 5. 0 ft selfs off of it and won't stop getting others in trouble and should be banned for those types of reasons and should be deleted straight away off my pc

  • It's really just spy wear

    It allows teachers to see everything you type, On and off school hours. It lets them close your tabs and block any website they want to for little to no reason. It is One Hundred percent an invasion of privacy towards the students who are forced to use this stupid thing

  • It is malware, Definitely malware!

    GoGuardian is software used to spy on and track students, Spy on them and micromanage students even in their own homes! GoGuardian can use microphone, GPS and camera to spy on students and punish them for behavior at home, Something that a school district was sued over! I feel like the admins that use the software become corrupt very quickly due to the amount of power they have to micromanage students. Though many admins do say the Chromebooks that have GoGuardian belong to the school, They can be used to invade privacy and spy on students without parents' and students' consent.

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