• Everybody has a right to an education

    College is hard to pay for when you are in a low income family, or even a family with no income at all. America is a land of opportunity and everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed. The rich and the upper class need to do their part in helping young people succeed. Education is not only good for you, but it's needed for advancement in our society.

  • Yes, going to college should be free

    I know about the taxes but if you want to go to college and you don't have the most money like me, its dumb for us middle classed people to be buried in debt. College is like going to a private school, if its community it should be free but books could cost money

  • College should be free. Not cost money have don't have.

    Students who want to go to college shouldn't have to pay for their education. Some students have their parent help, and that's barely enough. We've had free education through out school. Why start paying for it when you get to college? Yes we had to pay for EC activities, but tat's so we could go on trips and get the equipment that we need. I understand paying for the dorms, because we're just renting the rooms so we can live on campus and have time to get ready in the mornings. Instead of waking up 3-5 hours early just to have enough time to get ready and drive to school. So many people who want to go to college can't because the tuition is too high, they lost their job, or they just don't have a good paying job. So yes I think college should be free.

  • College should be free

    Kids need a free education because they will not want to go to school. A lot of kids can not afford college and will not get a good job when they get older they will not have enough money to support there family's. That is what I think about having free college

  • College should be free.

    College should be free to everyone.Every school should be free actually. You should not have to pay for something that will help you make a living. You should not also have to pay for something that you are capable of doing so. You should be able to try to make a company.

  • Yes it should.

    College should be free I think any and all education should be free. It is not right to have people pay for something that everyone should be able to have at their disposal. The way things are set up now make it so only the rich can get an education.

  • Sure, but it'll never happen.

    Everything in life has a price, and that includes education. I think it would be great if we could have a system where education, as much of it as we wanted, could be offered to the public free of charge. But until taxpayers and government leaders start valuing knowledge above funding the military, it's not gonna happen.

  • Going to college should be free.

    Going to college should be free. It should definitely be reduced from its current rate. Right now, most high school students are not even thinking about attending college because they nor their parents can afford it. I think something should be done to lower the cost so everyone that wants to go should be able to.

  • College should be free

    A lot of people do not do to college because they don't have money to go or stay in college. Some people do not have good jobs because they do not go to college. They just work at burger king or McDonald's. If more people go to college more people are going to get good jobs. Plus if college is free people will not have to be on debt until they pay all the money!!!!!!!

  • I think that making a college education free would be a good idea.

    I think that making a college education free would be a good
    idea. The United States is falling
    behind other countries because our educational system is not focused on the
    right thing. Many colleges and
    universities are too concerned with making a profit. Some other countries provide free college

  • No it shouldnt

    College should not be free. If college was free then the people of america would go in the red just like it already is. If america had a president worht anything and was able ot balance the budget then maybe america could afford to send everyone and their mom to college. But they cant. Taxes are already high enough if they cant balance the budget the3n there should not be free college take out a loan or applay for finacial aid.

  • To much money

    If the government begins paying for college, the taxes will be raised and will cost us even more money. If college is free, so many people will attend and do nothing with the education. College therefore can not be free as to avoid these very troubling, financial and people problemes.

  • No, college should not be free overall.

    College should not, and cannot, be free, because it would cause a tremendous financial strain on an already-strapped government. That being said, deserving students who do very well in high school can qualify for needs-based scholarships and grants if unable to afford college. Not all college aid needs to be paid back, so some people can get a more affordable education that way.

  • Free college would not be respected and classes would be ignored

    Accredited schools should still charge, because it is a motivation to students to do better in college. As is, many students do not strive to learn as well as they should in college. They need motivation, a carrot at the end of a stick, but in which the carrot can be eaten after four years.

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