• Pursuing and others

    Yes... Obviously. Do you want to sit down there and do nothing nor getting such a non professional job? Going to universities will help you obtain more knowledge and pursue your dreams. Like if I want to be a doctor/teacher which needs university degrees. Not only that, you can obtain values such as independence,courage and many more. NOT Every One wants to be a plumber or a cashier, right? If you don't want a four year course then there is are 2 year courses or even a year. Thus, this is important but it depends on the person if he or she wants to attend. But in most cases we want to pursue and not to be such a lazy person and not serve for our country, family and ourselves.

  • Yes, It should be compulsory

    We think going to university will compulsory. Because if they go to university they can have a better education but if they don't go to university it can be bad for them for example factories or trash collectors if you don't want this job you should go to the university.

  • It is unnecessarily stressful.

    I have never been to university, and i will not allow my children to attain higher education. Many people choose university because they want money, or they want to work for jobs, most of which will be stressful. I do not want my kids to be looking for money, or killing themselves studying. A supermarket job is enough, and think about it, without those people, life would be hard.

  • Takes away freedom of adults

    A vast majority of those going into university are legal adults. Therefore requiring it would be taking away the choice of an adult to make decisions for themselves. It wouldn't be so bad if some form of education was mandatory beyond high school, but there should be options for trade schools and self study or jobs training, and should be free if they are going to require it.

  • People should make their own choices in life.

    Sometimes in life, it's not even nessisary to go to even a college to be successful. In sociology, it states that in a society, a person needs to replace the role or someone else to keep a job functional. Such as a stay-at-home parent, being on a sports team, or simply doing things such as volunteering around the community. You should make yourself happy rather than do what society wants (or in sociological terms, ideal culture), as long as you're being a good person.

  • This would be a disaster

    The Universities already pump out far too many graduates than the labour market can accommodate. Most Universities don't care if 80% of their graduates end up working at low wage part time jobs. They are simply interested in making money. I would also argue that most students at University are there for the wrong reasons. Universities are not meant to be job training institutions, but rather, are a place for creating inquiring and enlightened minds. For some reason, this flawed University as job training perversion has been adopted by society and the institutions themselves.

  • Of course not

    That would devalue the worth of a 4 year degree. Not everyone should or wants to go to university. Some jobs don't require that. So it's really silly. If everyone went universities would be packed with people who don't want to be there and would just socialize and act up.

  • Do plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, etc. need university degrees?

    No they don't but they can make a darn good living AND provide much needed skills everyone needs from time to time. Not everyone is university capable or wants to go and the mere idea that everyone should be put through university is about as foolish as the question asking whether Kanye West would make a good president - the answer to that question was also hell no!!

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