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  • Additional motivation will drive students.

    Students will be motivated to work harder and to start wealth creation before they get to the working age. This can also help students with financial hardship and level the playing field.

    It also helps students get a taste of the real world where the harder you work, the better your chances of success, be it financial or otherwise.

  • Getting good grades is enough

    Getting good grades is enough for little kids they don't need the money they need good grades.Also because parents also don't have enough money to pay kids for good grades. And money will destroy any chance of fostering a love of learning.Students offered cash incentives in the lousiana program didn't just enroll in more classes they earned more credits and were more likely to nanparticipants.

  • No we don't

    I know as a student that we should not be paid for good grades because it leaves the impression that wee can get paid for everything we do that includes doing things around the house we should just do it to help are parents but some kids won't do it unless they get paid but when we get in the world there's going to be a big surprise for them

  • Great idea. Then what?!

    They will learn things all for the wrong reasons! The children will naturally become greedy and entitled and expect to be rewarded for their grades while their peers and classmates do the same things without a want or need to be paid. They will never learn responsibility of their education because the money they earn will be why they were trying at all! It is not an appropriate way to motivate children and young adults to be successful; it will hinder them more than help. Instead they should be motivated by the sole purpose to be good students and make great grades because the joy that comes with hard work shouldn't be money to buy candy or tickets to a game. It ought to be the sheer happiness one feels after achieving something money can't buy.

  • No there are already enough rewards.

    Good grades should be rewarded because they are extremely hard to achieve and rare in this world of underachievers, but that does not mean we should pay kids for being smart. Some students actually work at it, others have to do absolutely nothing to get an A on an exam.

  • Paying good students makes it even harder for them to adapt to the real world

    As much as I'd love to get paid for getting A's, it's absolutely ridiculous to pay students. First off, in the public education realm, students are technically already paid. That is, their teachers are paid to give students free education. Teacher wages come from an already stretched-thin budget, and there's no mathematical way that there can be any extra money to pay students too (aside from earned scholarships and grants to pay for expensive university tuition).

    Also in regards to public education, the well-known notion, 'you don't learn about the real world in school' is already pretty prevalent as is. Students that do well in school don't always carry on their successes into their real world careers. In fact, some good students end up doing worse than an average student in their jobs. It's just hard-wired into some students that getting good grades, paying attention in class, and following all the rules will go unscathed in the real world of bad people, crooks, cons, and cheats. Paying good students will further reinforce this blindness of reality. When a good student can't get the job he or she feels he or she deserves, the student will likely suffer emotionally even more. When a good student goes onto the street and a stranger politely asks for the time, the student wants to do the good favor and look at his or her watch, but then the students gets mugged or raped.

    Finally, Universities do technically pay good students, or at least Financial Aid services and grant committees do. If a student does exceptionally well during high school either in academics or sports, he or she could get a free ride in college. So, for this post secondary school scenario, there is no need to "pay" students for doing well because technically, they're already getting "pay" for doing well.

  • They Get Paid Later

    In a sense people with good grades do get paid for their good grades. It comes in a form of getting a free ride through college. While other people are racking up a $100,000 in debt, they get to go to school for free. Then, they get paid again later with a well paying job.

  • No, I don't believe good grades should be justification to pay students.

    I don't believe providing money incentives to students because of good grades is a good idea, the incentive should come when students see that many more opportunities open up in life if you take education seriously and get good grades without being paid for doing so. I believe introducing financial incentives teaches them the wrong lesson.

  • Not at all

    No, they do not need to pay students for making good grades, because the student needs to be worried about making good grades any way, and they do not need any outside encouragement in the form of a profit, since it would mess them up on their want to learn.

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