Should Google and Apple crack down on games and apps that are clear copies of popular games and apps?

  • Yes, copyright infringement is wrong.

    It is unfair to the creative process of designing and implementing games and apps if it becomes acceptable for designers to copy one another. The entire edifice of intellectual property necessitates that protection be given for propriety ideas and creations, and allowing copies of popular games and apps to be used without proper attribution is tantamount to copyright infringement and a violation of the ability of the creative process of game and app development to flourish.

  • Copy cat games aren't always black and white

    I've recently read a blog post about a man who came out with an app similar to the popular "Candy Crush" app. The problem with the similar apps is that the unpopular version came first and had a copy write that was ignored. It's becoming more common to see larger companies stealing the ideas of small companies or individuals for their own gain. There should be a crack down on copy cat apps, but it should be in regards to who has the copy writes to the idea.

  • No, Google and Apple should not crack down on apps that clearly copy other apps.

    No, Google and Apple should stick to what they are doing by providing the apps to there users. From a business aspect for two publicly traded companies, more options mean more money for both them and investors. As for copy right infringement, that should rest solely with the apps creators who should be properly protecting their own work. If they have, and proper patent their software and concept, they can handle their own case legally. No reason for Google and Apple to bring on more legal trouble in which they are not truly involved, but just a side witness.

  • That's not their responsibility.

    Nope. Google and Apple are not and should not be the copyright police for anyone else. It should not be up to them to decide who is and is not a copy. If your precious copyright is such an issue, then you need to hire a lawyer and start suing the copycats.

  • Not their place

    The two companies are just providing platforms for these developers, they're not trying to control content or force people to build certain kinds of games or certain kinds of apps. Platforms should not limit the creativity of the developers working on them, and should only provide the place to be creative.

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