Should Google and Facebook pictures be available in the public domain?

  • Everything online is public domain.

    Once data is connected to a network then it's in the public domain. Sure people have firewalls and such to deter would be cyber thieves but these practices are merely security measures on a flimsy 7092 pin combination system. If we don't want information, pics, data, etc online then don't connect to a network.

  • I agree but with qualifications.

    The qualification is the privacy settings of each individual user. However, I can also rightly agree that these two companies will have the right to use said pictures for advertising purposes. In which case there should be a release clause in the privacy settings for Google an Facebook to use photo's in this way or, and also, there should be some form of compensation.

  • Pictures Posted Online Are Open

    Pictures posted to Google and Facebook and not made private are part of the public domain, there is no copyright on these pictures and they were generally not taken for artistic purposes. These are pictures that were posted online for people to view and share and as such, the poster cannot control who views or shares the picture unless they are active with privacy settings.

  • No public domain

    Photos that are put on Facebook and Google should not be available in the public domain. I think that people need to change their security settings so others cannot view their images or videos unless they have permission. Especially since minors post picture, you would need their permission to post those images.

  • Authors retain the rights of their photos, even if posted on social networks.

    Just because a photo is shared on Facebook, Google, or another social network service does not mean the author gives their right to their work. This holds true no matter what means a photo is shared. Therefore pictures posted to social media should not be available in the public domain.

  • Not without consent.

    No, Google and Facebook pictures should not be available in the public domain, because each user should be able to control the extent to which the pictures are available. If the pictures were not able to be censored, a lot of people would drop their Facebook accounts, and that is something that Facebook does not want to happen.

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