Should Google be allowed to electronically scan users' emails to help sell ads?

  • Yes they should...

    Because it is a add based system and users agree to the terms they should be allowed to scan their emails, they know it is add based and if they do not want Google to be allowed to electronically scan users' emails they should not use Google. I read the terms and agreements and it did not bother me that that's what they do because they tell us so.

  • Of course they should.

    You agree to their terms by using their service. The fact of the matter is: If you don't want them looking at your sh*t, then don't give them your sh*t in the first place. Simple as that. They are trying to run a business, let them run it for gods sake!

  • Seriously? Is there anyone seriously thinking about it?

    Is that a serious question? People would just stop using the service. Private communication is not something to be taken advantage of for profit, that's why it's called private communication. People give out huge amounts of profiling information in other ways. Public posts, website visits, 'likes' and 'dislikes', consumer research. It is ridiculous to ask a question like this.

  • No way in Hades.

    That is completely unacceptable. The ethical and moral impl,ications of that go way beyond privacy rights. What happens when big gov tries to take advantaqge of that. Maybe I should take advantage of that to get free porn. Tee hee. Random unsexy word filler here for not reason, dear God, help me!

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