Should Google be prohibited from doing a takeover of the world?

  • Yes they should.

    Well, no one should be allowed to takeover the world. This includes Google! So, yes Google should be prohibited from "doing a takeover of the world". I guess this means that they would have a monopoly on things like browsers, search engines, ads, etc... Wait, Google has already taken over the world. Oh well...

  • No One Stopped Wal-Mart

    I do not believe Google should be prohibited from expanding and earning a profit, rather that be a fraction of the world or the whole world. As long as they are following the laws, they should be allowed to continue. I think the only thing we need to watch for is monopolization, which for some reason we've let Wal-Mart get away with. Monopolies tend to suck resources from communities and we shouldn't let that happen.

  • No, they are a business.

    No, google should not be prohibited from doing a takeover of the world, because they provide a lot of good services that people want. If google can continue to provide products that are in-demand at a cost-effective price, there is no reason that they should not be able to do so. If they make a profit, there will always be someone who will want to compete with them.

  • All hail Google.

    Google is one of the best companies in existence and therefore should not be prevented from taking over the world. Google would treat the people right and provide them with cool work environments . Google would be my leader and I would worship them.. I really don't know what this question means.

  • Take Over How?

    I do not believe Google should be prohibited from doing business. I don't see how Google could take over the world, in the literal sense, but if they offer a good product, they will go far. While Google may provide decent services, I do prefer their search engine, I find that there is plenty of competition in every market they have infiltrated.

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