• Google is trustworthy and it can make things easier.

    Google is a trusted company that people use every day. People that work at Google or for are trained in what they do and like any job, Google does background checks and hire the best of the best. I use google everyday and the only times they use my location is when I type, For example, Fast food near (where I live). It just makes everything eaiser.

  • Improved Service Helps Consumers

    By collecting location data google is able to provide better information to me as a consumer. For one, Google Ads delivered to me are location relevant, E. G. When in NYC you get restaurant ads for NYC and not SF.
    Second, By collecting location data Google is able to provide me with better directions as I don't need to type in my current location.

  • Strangers Tracking You

    Strangers have a better way of finding you and possibly killing you. I think Google should at least make locations private! I personally think Google shouldn't use location at all because of the people being found and killed! This makes everyone upset and a difference should be made! Thanks for reading and add your own opinion as well!

  • Wanna Die Bro?

    Look, Think of all the scary murder movies you've seen throughout your life and ask yourself what they all have in common. I'll tell you; the killer knew where to find their victim. They probably low key got it from google. So my point is. . . If Google knows where you at, So will a killer. Thank you.

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