Should Google chairman Eric Schmidt visit North Korea?

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  • No, Eric Schmidt Should Not Visit North Korea

    This is just one more example of big business putting the needs of big business ahead of everything else. The Obama administration has made it clear that the visit could be at odds with the administration's goals, yet Schmidt decided to visit anyway. We have issues of global security at hand, yet whatever Schmidt has decided to do is more important to him. I also wouldn't be surprised to see some mass domestic Google layoffs soon and those jobs shipped to North Korea.

  • I think not

    I don't get what beneficial things can come from this. I'm not angry, I'm just genuinely at a loss and don't see what I'm missing here. It's one of the more baffling trips of this type I can remember in some time, particularly given what Google does and what the government of North Korea does.

  • No.

    Eric Schmidt should not visit North Korea. North Korea is a country led by leaders who like to terrorize their neighbors by threatening nuclear action. They have also imprisoned foreign journalists for simply being in their country. As a result of their policies I do not think any American should spend time in North Korea.

  • No, Eric Schmidt should not visit North Korea

    I do not believe Eric Schmidt should visit North Korea. I do not believe a visit and photo-op to a country that is currently on a food shortage and under a single-party regime would benefit anyone. Beyond a small burst in celebrity and perhaps notoriety on Mr. Schmidt’s part, I do not think that his visiting the country accomplishes anything. The United States will still view North Korea with suspicion, the North Korean government will remain in power and any humanitarian efforts will be quite shallow. The trip is self-aggrandizing and I can’t find any reason for his trip.

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