Should Google encrypt their data even if it means losing some money?

Asked by: MasterBater2
  • Ummm... Of course ?

    I'm guessing this is related to a recent piece of news regarding Google that I'm unaware of. Unfortunately, the OP gave no additional context, and thus I'm forced to comment, in a general sense, on whether Google should encrypt their data. Dealing with a huge amount of private information on a daily basis, of course it's only logical that they use measures like SSL to protect the data transmitted. Try logging onto your Gmail, for example - you'll see that the data transmitted from Google is encrypted by SSL.

  • Bad security is better than no security.

    Most of us wouldn't leave our house, condo, office building, etc with the windows open and the doors unlocked because the locking mechanisms are a deterrent for would be thieves. Thieves will get in regardless of the security measures if they want but usually look for the easy target vs the locked door/window. Nothing is 100% secure and I'd give up some speed for a few more 'locks' online. Bad security is better than no security as a deterrent to thieves.

  • There isn't little justifiable reason

    Most everything they do is no secret, at least what is open to the public. To do so, would likely slow things down about twice as much, cost alot, and use much more energy. In terms of their gmail, I believe that is already encrypted in storage, but I could be wrong,, this could defiantly be worth the cost if not already utilized.

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