Should Google fight Chinese censorship (yes) or accede to the government's will (no)?

  • Internet Freedom Can Change Chinese Lives

    The lives of Chinese citizens can be changed for the better if their government would allow Google to have its entire Internet searches available to the populace. Google has little choice but to go along with China's demands or face legal action. However, that shouldn't stop Google from trying to get around the regime.

  • Fighting Censorship Is Important

    I believe it is important for companies like Google to fight Chinese censorship. The Internet should be free and open and be the same, regardless of what country you are in. I believe if companies like Google back down in China, other countries will soon try to censor certain aspects of the Internet, because they feel they can.

  • Google should fight Chinese censorship

    I think Google should fight to get rid of the censorship that is imposed by the Chinese government. The Internet should be a free and unmonitored, unbiased way to communicate or look up information. A country that restricts it, it not allowing their citizens to understand other cultures or way of life.

  • Yes they should.

    I think Google should fight the Chinese censorship because Google is not a Chinese company and should not have to follow the Chinese rules, they could just make it so China can not use Google if they do not feel Google is censored enough or is doing a good enough job.

  • Google should not.

    Google should not fight the Chinese censorship and accede to the government's will. Google has no place in deciding what the Chinese government does, and they should just back off. Google is a company, and they could get badly damaged by it. It would be a lot better if we let China's censorship evolve on its own.

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