Should Google Glass and other recordable technologies be allowed in movie theaters?

  • Welcome to the future.

    Google is and has been taking over, period. Whether we do not allow it now, they will eventually be there and be a paramount in how things are done. Google earth has taken over with live feeds and being able to see anyone anywhere in the world. So why not movie theatres?

  • Not sure about having Google Glasses... At all

    I will agree with the statements on pirating movies, but I fear for much worse. Every day, we walk down the street bumping into each other while we stare into our "smart"phones. To be honest, do we really need to be hooked to technology 24/7? Nobody should walk into a restaurant looking at their text messages. I would expect that same sentiment at the movie theatre. Take off your (Google) Glasses and enjoy the show!

    Posted by: S.K
  • Why Google Glass May Not be Allowed in Movie Theatres

    Piracy is already something most people are aware of, and i think products like google glass may worsen this. If google glass was aloud in movie theatres, people would be able to freely record and save the movie, and possibly illegaly share it online. I do think google glass should be banned in movie theatres.

  • No, Google Glass and other recordable technologies should not be allowed in movie theaters.

    No, Google Glass and other recordable technologies should not be allowed in movie theaters. It only takes a few people to modify these devices, and they will be able to record the movie and post them online, thus hurting the movie business even further. We do not allow video cameras in the theater, and any other recording devices should be treated the same.

  • This would lead to massive pirating of movies.

    Google Glass could never be allowed in movie theatres. One of Google Glasses major functions is to record what it sees. Movie theatres have a very strict policy of never allowing anyone to record video within the theatre. This is to prevent the movie being pirated. They could never be sure who was videoing the movie.

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