• Take down game

    Google should definitely take down its " gay killing " game, It goes against the grain of society to play a game about killing people just because they are gay. The game should be taken down because it influences people to hate people just because of their sexual orientation, Its the 21st century and people are more accepting of gay people.

  • Google pulls down 'gay killing' game

    A game made available for free download on Google play has caused a lot of concerns. The aim of the game is to kill all gay on sight. This is a dangerous game that can poison the mind of the people towards gay community and could get young people who are homosexuals into a lot of trouble . So Google was right to pull it down.

  • Yes, Google was right to take down the "gay killing" game.

    On one hand, in the hyper-politically sensitive age in which we live, it's not difficult to argue that we as a society take our concern for sensitivity a little too far sometimes. But when it comes to insensitivity leading to violence, clearly we have to draw the line. Given the possibility that this game could encourage violence against homosexuals, Google was right to remove the game from the app store.

  • Freedom Is Freedom Even When It's Ugly

    It is an appalling and disgusting game, and if possible, the authorities should consider filing charges against the creators for hate crimes. Having said that, freedom does have a price, and restriction of the freedom of expression is a terribly slippery slope. We have to protect everyone's freedom, even when they are abusing it.

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