• Its the new age of technology

    Everything we do now seems ro revolve around the internet or search engines. Google is not a tangible product in the sense that you cannot touch it, smell it or hear it but they are a business none the less ad have every right to open a retail store just like any other business

  • I'm torn on this one but leaning toward "no".

    I know that if Google were to open retail stores, as a confirmed Google-addict, I would likely be the first in line. However is I look at the question logically, I don't think Google needs to open retail stores. Their online presence is huge. Their hardware products are readily available and easy to find - not to mention popular. I don't think Google needs the added overhead of a retail brick and mortar chain. They're doing well without it.

  • Google is going a bit too far.

    Does anyone else remember "Don't Be Evil?" It seems like Google is moving further and further away from that these days. Now, a retail store obviously is far from the worst thing that Google could do, but I'm wary of anything they might be doing nowadays to expand. I don't think I'd want to give my money to them.

  • No Google should not open retail stores.

    I offer the opinion that Google should not open retail stores from the position of being a shareholder in the company. Google business model does not offer products that can effectively sold in the retail environment. Unlike Apple, Google's product mix does not lend itself to being offered in an retail store. It would be a great PR stunt but a money loser for the company.

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