Should Google reinforce undersea data cables to protect them from shark bites?

  • Data cables need protection

    Whether or not sharks attack them shouldn't be the question. My question would be are the data cables strong enough to withstand anything that gets thrown at them. I would be more concerned about the smallest plants and animals that could worm their way in through the regular wear and tear of the ocean.

  • We need infrastructure

    If Google is responsible for maintaining the undersea data cables, then yes, I think they need to reinforce them to protect them from any and all damage. The world has become so dependent on the internet that we probably can't risk losing our data cables at this point in time.

  • The internet is important

    The Internet is very important and Google must reinforce undersea cables. Without the Internet, many businesses would suffer and people would suffer as well. If the cables are reinforced, then sharks can bite them as much as they want without causing any disruption to the world's Internet services. Everybody wins.

  • Google should reinforce undersea data cables to protect them from shark bites

    If Google is going to benefit directly from the use of data cables, it should be responsible in part, if not fully, for protecting those data cables from not only shark bites, but other forms of cable degradation. It is imperative that data transfer be protected and Google has it well within its resources to make that happen.

  • Sharks are cool

    I like them because they are not mammals, and also because they grow. They helped my mums arm swim to shore. Then they made the whole beach look like strawberry cool -aid. Which is cool and all, by my mum wouldn't stop screaming as I drank it. SO yeah sharks are cool.

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