• Yes, Google should retire Google Reader.

    I think Google should retire Google Reader because, It just isn't popular, I haven't really heard of it before, I'm sure none of my friends have used it or heard of it either. When I read about what it is, my first thought was, who has the time to use this? Its not an attractive concept.

  • No, not yet.

    No, Google shouldn't retire their reader. For sure, there are a number of other readers out there that are doing leaps and bounds in comparison, but Google reader is beloved by a lot of people I know, and it's a cool thing in its own right. Not everything has to be cutting edge in order to be worthwhile.

  • Google Reader Rocks!

    I like being able to have the things I deem important all in one place. While there are other readers available, I trust Google as a brand the most. Also the compatibility of Google products with the Android platform is also a major plus for Google. I do hope they will consider keeping the Google Reader as it is a great product.

  • No, I love Google Reader!

    I think it is a shame that Google plans to retire Reader. Of course there are plenty of other ways to get access to all of your blogs, sites, etc., but I love having all of my online needs met by Google. I use Gmail, have a well managed Google Calendar, store documents on my Drive, and plenty of other things through Google. I hate that I will no longer have access to by blogs and feeds through Google.

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