Should Google sensor its search results in China?

  • China's House China's Rules.

    Although I don't agree with China's policy, a country has a right to keep its laws uncompromised. If China wants certain sites banned, then Google should comply. What if watching child porn is something that isn't viewed as illegal in many countries and deemed beneficial to a developed society? Would you want Americans to have access to child abuse? No, conservative groups would go beserk! Focus on your own Contry and leave China alone.

  • Do what they can

    Google is a business, and they need to do what they can in order to keep business open. Its more favorable for people all over the world to have Google as a search engine in China than some state-run alternative that would be even worse, and potentially truly misleading and abusive.

  • Google should censor its search results in China.

    China is a sovereign nation and it can police its Internet any way it sees fit. If Google does not want to observe local laws, they should not do business in that country. China is right to censor pornographic and offensive content. Google should cooperate more with the Chinese authorities.

  • No. I do not think Google should sensor search results in China.

    No. I do not think Google should sensor search results in China, because that would undermine the use of the search engine. It would only serve to deprive users from the search results they are seeking. It would also hurt Google profits, because people in China would simply use another search engine to find the search results they seek.

  • Google Should Not Sensor Results in China

    No, Google should not sensor its search engine results in China. Though Chinese law may require such sensorship, as an American company Google has a responsibility to spread the notion of freedom of speech throughout the world. China is certainly a country that lacks freedom of speech, so Google should attempt to spread the idea to them commercially.

  • No, google should not censor its search results in China.

    Censorship is never a good idea. Information is less dangerous as long as it is freely available. Google should not cater to China in regards to allowing certain things to be censored. It is morally unacceptable for Google to provide this type of censorship. I hope that they allow freedom of information.

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