• Doesn't work as it should.

    Google Voice has turned into a major disappointment, which is difficult for me to say since I love Google products. The only bright side to Google Voice is that they give you one phone number for everything, which comes in handy, with the exception of having a new phone number to memorize.

  • No, Google should not shut down Voice!

    Google should not shut down Voice, it is an integral part in many peoples' lives. While the feature may be buggy and not fully functioning, the pro's clearly outweigh the cons. Google Voice makes everyday life easier when used properly ranging from people using it for business reasons or just using it for everyday activities for housewives. Google Voice greatly enhances everyday activities and it should most definitely NOT be shut down.

  • Google Voice is good alternative

    I have used google voice for more than 3 years and i love it. I own my own business and work full time. I use my personal phone number for my work and personal connection and i use google voice for my business and it's free. Please keep google voice and just make it better. SMS for millions around the world who will love to this product. Keep google voice please

  • No, it should not.

    Google voice is certainly buggy and has more than a few issues which should be addresses (the most prominent being needing a number to get a number...This sort of defeats the purpose, guys!) But, otherwise, voip is very handy and having a number to receive calls and voicemail from job applications after I could no longer afford to pay the bill on my mobile is VERY handy.

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