Should Google try to prevent the Chinese government from censoring search engine results?

  • Suppress with transperency

    If Google attempts to provide uncensored information from servers based outside of China, the Chinese government has the ability to block the website completely using the "great firewall of China". However, if Google operates servers from inside China, they are subject to Chinese laws, regulations and punishments. Chinese laws dictate that internet companies be self-censoring. If a company does not sufficiently self-censor their content, the government will take actions against the company. Google should comply with the censorship requests of the Chinese government by blocking access to illegal or unapproved websites. However, they should do so transparently by still showing all search results for certain content. In this way the Chinese population will be blocked from certain content, but will also have a constant reminder that their government is suppressing information from them. In this way Google would be complying with local laws, but also allowing the Chinese population to see that there are other search results available, but un-accessible to them because of government censorship. This constant reminded of censorship would hopefully be the start of a free speech revolution by the Chinese populace. In this way, Google isn't interfering with government and motivating citizens in a subtle way.

  • Google has a right to refuse establish any dictatorial legislation.

    Its incredibly ironic that those on the other side would participate in a website like which encourages free speech and healthy debate. People who think Google is meddling in other nation's affairs are plainly wrong. The Chinese government censors pornography and materials it finds inappropriate: namely anti-establishment literature. Do you really want to suppress the right of citizens to properly protest; and in one of the last places can do so? Google is a private company and the Chinese government should have no right to censor the Internet or hinder the political thinking and exchange of Chinese citizens.

  • Everyone has a right

    If the government is trying to censor Google in China, then they are taking knowledge away from their people. Everyone has a right to search topics on Google's search engine. I believe that only Google should have the right to block sites on their website. The government should only be able to control what they create and their own country.

  • No freedom, No Google.

    Put simply, if the Chinese Government wishes to restrict access to information then search engines such as Google should refuse to do business with them. Restricting information is no different from being told what you can or cannot know. What you can or cannot learn. What you can or cannot believe. Where is the limit, or what limit can even potentially be placed, once censorship is allowed any hold?

    Posted by: a.m
  • Google has a moral responsibility

    Anyone or anything in a position of great power needs to consider the ethical implications of their actions. Because Google has such a large impact on so many lives, they carry a moral imperative. If they censor on behalf of the Chinese government they are helping the government oppress and subjugate it's own people. The general advancement of human liberty is dependent upon the free exchange of ideas. Propaganda and censorship are the tools of oppression, not liberty.

  • Absolutely.

    It falls not just to Google, either. All businesses should seek to stick it to the Chinese in whatever way they can. At a certain critical juncture, we'll lose that capacity, and so it's very much in all of our interests that we contain the backwards policies of Red China to Red China (and, ideally, shrink them down there).

    Posted by: Kali
  • It's not their responsibility, but it's the right thing to do.

    It's important to raise awareness and take a firm stance against human rights abuses. It's rare for corporations to do this, but it's also very welcome.

    Posted by: Pazu
  • Because Google is a private enterprise, they should endeavor to maintain their rights as such.

    While the government of China is right to govern its people, it should not have the right to censor an outside private Internet enterprise, such as Google. If they are going to allow Google to operate legally in China at all, then they should accept their autonomy as a private enterprise. Otherwise, they should not allow them to operate in China.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • I do not believe Google should censor itself in China, because they should not compromise the ideals that they represent.

    Google has stated that, instead of boycotting business in China, they would do more good by cooperating with the government. Previously, however, Google has refused to disclose information to the U.S. Department of Justice about what people were searching for. Conceding to Chinese censorship would seem inconsistent to the image that Google has created for itself. An appropriate course of action would involve boycotting Chinese business.

    Posted by: TraumaVlen
  • Yes, as censorship is incompatible with political freedom, and ultimately with optimal economic growth, it needs to be fought from a variety of angles.

    The Chinese regime has proved agile in holding on to power, despite widespread dissent and agitation regarding economic distress in the Chinese population, and the political repression that prevents that population from controlling its own destiny. And censorship, along with the brutal use of outright force, has been a major weapon of this longevity. While domestic activism must be the primary means by which political change in China is achieved, multiple levers of pressure must be brought to bear in precipitating change. Democratic governments certainly have to do their share. Yet given its economic clout, popularity, convenience, capacity for technical innovation, and considering the Chinese government's desire to continue the nation's process of modernization and growth, Google would appear well-poised to use its own influence and technical prowess to facilitate greater access to information, and the exchange of ideas among the Chinese populace.

    Posted by: M4I4cFeIine
  • I disagree with Google because of the young children.

    Any parent would want a censored internet. Can you imagine your child going online only to see things that will affect them for the rest of their natural life? The things they see when they are young stay with them until adulthood, and change who they are as people. I believe in the Constitution and freedom of speech, but that does not make adult videos popping up decent or right.

    Posted by: R0y4IFunky
  • I do not think Google should try to step into the Chinese governments censoring issues.

    It is not Google's place to try and decide what the Chinese government has deemed their laws and way of life.

    Posted by: Ch4ddMc
  • It is not its job.

    I feel that because Google is a business, it should support business interests. It is not Google's job to pressure governments into doing what they should. That is the job of the people themselves. (although this may make me lose an argument, but here is an analogy) it is like a doctor killing a criminal in the hospital because the doctor thought he was bad. It is the doctors job to treat patients, not to justice on them. So I feel Google should just stick to its own job as a business. If it does not like to do business in china, then don't. However, it is not its job to get involved in politics. It is amnesty international and other human rights groups who should fight for freedom.

  • Google isn't a government

    The Internet is not a right, and while it is true China is keeping some information from their people, China is, in anyone's law book, not required to give the people unlimited and unrestricted access to Google. Google themselves are nothing more than a business, and therefore has no right to fight against a government. While China IS wrong to censor Google in some of the ways they do, and while people both inside and outside of China should be fighting against it, Google as a business can only either suck it up or leave China, because they are only a company and have no say in the law of a government- that's like General Motors saying, "You shouldn't limit whether people can drink and drive because it is their choice" and Congress saying "Okay" (a little far-fetched I know but it was the best analogy I could think of)

  • Google has no place in American government or any other government.

    A company has no place in any government, anywhere. Google reserves the right not to sell/release/give their products to anyone they choose, but is not a Chinese government agency and therefore has no place making decisions for China. Communism is a terrible voilation of human rights and liberties, but private companies sticking their noses where they don't belong and meddling in a country's affairs is worse, especially when it's an American company. America is not supposed to meddle in other countries' business unless under attack. If the Chinese government wants to censor the search engines that their people use, that's their right. Who is Google (or America) to step in and be the world's police? Google could have not sold their products to the Chinese people if they didn't want their search engines to be censored. Google needs to open their eyes. They are way overstepping their boundaries.

  • The Chinese government is bad...

    But if Google thinks it can get away with challenging governments, it'll probably be worse.

  • Google has no business interfering with a government's policy.

    While Google may feel it wrong that a government censors its search engine results, it is the right of that government to control what its citizens can access. It is not the responsibility of Google to decide what citizens of another nation may or may not have access to. If Google crosses that line then they move from large-scale corporation to global governing body.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Google should not have a say in the matter, as it is China's decision.

    China's decision to censor Google content is more of a political action. Therefore, Google shouldn't be allowed to interfere. If Google is allowed to go over the Chinese government's head and decide what content to allow, then that could start a slippery slope with other companies deciding they want to chose what content to display. These decisions should ultimately be left to the respective governments.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Google should not try to prevent the Chinese government from censoring search engine results, because the Chinese government is more powerful than Google.

    The Chinese government has control over the largest population in the world. If Google tries to prevent the Chinese government from censoring search results, the Chinese government can simply ban Google from China. This will limit Chinese citizens' ability to find legally allowed information, and hinder their use of the Interest.

    Posted by: SqualidVaughn
  • It is not the responsibility of American businesses to control the interests of other countries.

    I don't feel that any American business, nor America herself, should try to control other countries. If the Chinese government feels that it is in the best interest of their country to censor search engine results, then let them. China is huge, and most of our products are manufactured there. So let's not give them any reason to dislike us any more than they already do. If Google doesn't want China to censor results, then don't provide any Google services in China.

    Posted by: CleanJoey

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