Should Google's holiday doodles avoid specifically referencing Christmas?

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  • Not a government agency, they can do what they want

    The people of google have the same freedoms as the rest of us. To try and limit what they can put out there would be a violation of their freedom of speech, expression, etc.

    This kind of suggestion is downright silly, and I am glad no one has voted in favour.

  • Google Doodles Represent American Culture

    Google has become a strong component of American culture. It classrooms, homes, and workplaces across America, people often "Google" it to find answers to their questions. Holidays are also part of the American culture. Those holidays are also representative of Americans as a people. As a business,Google has the right to express interest in those holidays as much as any other organization.

  • Avoid the largest holiday in the world?

    The main holidays in December, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, are all celebrated on different days. Hanukkah is from December 16 to December 24, Christmas is on December 25 and Kwanzaa is on December 26. The dates don't conflict, so I don't see any reason not to acknowledge all of them separately. Let's be honest, worldwide celebrations of joy and love are at least slightly more important than some historical guy's 148th birthday.

  • Not a Christian but I like the Google doodle

    They have every right to do what they like to their website, if it offends anyone, too bad, get over it. We must avoid all holidays in general then, this is ridiculous. If anything this question actually offends people that celebrate Christmas. Anyways Google is allowed to do what they pleased on their website.

  • Do we really need to avoid Christmas altogether?

    Let's face it, Christmas is not just for Christians. People of every faith - or none at all - get the day off from work just the same. Many non-Christians also enjoy the spirit and customs of goodwill toward men and giving gifts to loved ones. How many people are really offended by the words, "Merry Christmas"? It's high time we backed off on overly-sensitive PC craziness and allowed people to express Christmas wishes, Google included.

  • No they should not

    They should just include a different holiday in each one or something. I think that is ridiculous that they can't do doodles without ridicule. Alot of people celebrate christmas, even I do and I know that Jesus wasn't born in December. So what, I celebrate my family on that day.

  • No. It is their site they can post whatever they want.

    When is the pettiness going to stop? You don't like bacon? Don't eat it. You don't like Christmas? Don't celebrate it. That shouldn't mean things like a store cant show bacon in a advertisement on their windows because it offends a Muslim. And it surely shouldn't mean that posting things about a Holiday, religion based or not should not be allowed.

  • No, Google's holiday doodles should not avoid referencing Christmas.

    In our present day and age there is perhaps no social phenomenon more prevalent than that of political correctness, also known as political sensitivity. As for me, however, I feel that to disallow these kinds of expressions is itself insensitive. Just because a particular group wants to give expression to their traditions does not mean that they're being insensitive to minority groups.

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