• Yes, he should be impeached

    Gov. LePage has made a large stereotype and I believe that shows bad government leadership. He also chose to blackmail the speaker of the house which I believe to be a cowardly move on his part to get what he wants and recently calling himself state education commissioner is rather childish.

  • Governor LePage should be impeached.

    I do believe Governor LePage should be impeached. He has a history, however brief, of radical "race" related comments including "the president hates white people". Regardless of his thoughts and personal beliefs, he is a public figure and has to remember that what he says and does should be thought out before hand. If he is not willing to do so then he should step down from his position. I understand that the media can take things out of context at times but they have to have fuel to set a fire. It's his job to not supply that fuel.

  • Governor LePage should be impeached for the abuse of power he exercised over a Maine charter school President.

    Governor LePage should absolutely be impeached for the abuse of power he demonstrated when he pressured the President of a charter school in Maine into rescinding a job offer from House Speaker Mark Eaves because Eaves is a democrat. The act was a violation of the rights of the charter school President, and also the rights of Mr. Eaves. It also demonstrates poor moral fiber on behalf of Mr. LePage, and he should be made to answer for his actions.

  • There should be an investigation over the Republican's abuse of power before action is taken

    The remarks of Gov. LePage about white girls being impregnated by out-of-state drug dealers are inappropriate, yet he should not be impeached without an investigation and an opportunity for clarification or apology. Lawmakers are calling for action, so something must be done. It is not the first incidence of power abuse by Gov. LePage - there are several allegations of Gov. LePage overstepping his power, such as blackmailing a House Speaker. There are also claims of abuse of public assets. Some politicians claim the accusations are frivolous. There may not be anything serious enough for grounds for impeachment.

  • Freedom of Speech

    I see no reason for impeachment. He still has his freedom of speech so it doesn't really matter if what he says is offensive or not. He's innocent of any accusations againist him until found otherwise. So should he be impeached if he draws a picture of Muhammad? What other "misdemeanor in office" can someone be impeached for? Straight up lying comes to mind.

  • Comments made when asked a question don't always illicit an appropriate time to fabricate a response.

    While what the governor stated was immoral and should be taken into consideration, impeachment charges should not necessarily been placed on the table. What matters is how LePage has governed. If he has been very effective at his work, then this definitely needs to be considered when any charges are placed. I do not agree with his comments, however, a public apology and a willingness to show that he is willing to make amends to the parties involved should be sufficient.

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