• Yes always

    What makes someone a terrorist. The imagine of a terrorist is someone that just wants to see the world burn, which is in fact false. A terrorist is just a person with another view on society, but wants to be heard. They have no other ways of voicing their opinions so they rely on an alternative way. But not negotiating with them, it is basically tell them to go screw themselves, when all they want to do is voice their opinions.

  • Destroy negotiation with terrorists

    Terrorists use it as a way to get money to get more guns, ammo, bombs, and other dangerous items for their power because of what they plan on doing and on how the things they do will hurt us and our economy for the money of damage and the loss of many lives of civilians

  • Rewarding Them For There Actions

    We are praising their actions. We are basically saying if you kidnapped, murder, and bomb our country we will reward you. We are showing weakness to them. We are rewarding violence. If this country really wants to stop terrorism don't reward them and help them people back. The more people you give back the more attacks there will be.

  • Don't negotiate with terrorists.

    Terrorism is a negation of the rule of law. Negotiation with terrorists is a futile exercise that will eventually backfire. Negotiation requires two sides that are willing to compromise in good faith. What terrorist organization has kept their part of any bargain? Terrorists have chosen to die by the sword, so it is only fitting that any negotiation is backed up by deadly force.

  • Because we did not negotiate with terrorist when we killed Osama bin laden

    You see us Americans do not need to negotiate with such barbarians. It may end up as a unfair or tricky trade and more. Terrorist are not reasonable and are tricky. We may have bigger loss than the gain when negotiating with terrorist. Finally terrorist are the terror on the face of the earth and we are trying to eliminate them not negotiate with them

  • Govenments should not negotiate with terrorists.

    Governments should not negotiate with terrorists because it would set a dangerous precedent. If governments started giving in to terrorists' demands, it would only encourage more people to do the same thing. Refusing to negotiate with terrorists is the only way to deal with them. Terror is not the way to negotiate with governments.

  • No benefit.

    There is no benefit to negotiating with terrorists because the very fact that they are terrorists (by the standards of that government, at least) demonstrates that they are beyond reasonable negotiation. There are plenty of ways that aggrieved people can enter into negotiations with governments in order to get what they want, but terrorists have chosen to circumvent all of that. They should be negotiated with only when they have abandoned their tactics for good.

  • Never

    That is what those people want. Once you give in to them they will just keep asking. They also might just create the situation again and then ask for more because we gave in that time so this time they will go for the bigger prize. We do it the correct way right now.

  • Don't Open the Door!

    Negotiating with terrorists is a really bad idea. Let's say that word gets out that Country X has adopted the policy to negotiate with terrorists because they feel it will help protect them from terrorist attacks. The problem here is that the evil doers in this world will gain this knowledge and essentially threaten Country X - even in a minor capacity - just to steal resources that this country provides. After a while, Country X will have nothing of value because everything was given away due to fear of attack ... now what is Country X trying to protect?

  • No they should not

    Governments should not negotiate with terrorists because that shows that with a little fear the terrorists can get anything they want. Terrorists are only around to cause terror, if we stop negotiating with them and stop letting them make us fear them then we will have taken away their whole purpose. Negotiating only encourages them to come back for more.

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