Should governement spending on education be increased?

  • Yall need God not Education!

    Stop with the spending on money on education. The government puts in more than enough money on education. Did you know that in New York City the public education system spends more then $6,000 per child from K-12. Stop with the nonsense, its not education that needs to be fixed to fix America. Yall need God, not more money for education.

  • Spend money on education, not missiles.

    A country is as strong as the people that make up its population. When we let schools go underfunded, and children not educated, we are sacrificing our future for a present military ideal. This is short sighted and incredibly dangerous for the future of America. Without an educated populace we are doomed.

  • No, government funding towards education has been squandered

    Instead of the government blindly throwing more money towards education, here's an idea, let's ask educators why they think the system is currently broken! The people allocating funds to education have no idea how to do so properly, which has been shown time and time again. If the goal is to have an educational system that functions better, actually caring about the input of educators for once would help.

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