• Some thing needs to be done

    The government should try to discourage out of wedlock births from occurring by promoting marriage and to wait to have sex until two people are married. Out of wedlock births are out of control in this country and it is a huge cost on the American tax payers because they have to support the babies.

  • No, the government should not be involved.

    It's not the governments business how many children are born out-of-wedlock. Personal matters and relationships of private citizens should be up to the citizens unless the government simply must be involved. To involve the government in such matters and give them that type of power over citizens would be almost inviting fascism.

  • Wed-lock births are a matter of morality

    Morality is often a subject that government should stay out of. This particularly applies to marriage and conduct related to marital expectations or activities. What happens in a marriage that does not break other laws is sanctified by the marriage itself. Abuse is the exception. Births out of wed-lock or in wed-lock are not the concern of the government. Parents of children that avoid responsibility or that cannot support the child, wed-lock or not, is the concern of the government.

  • Goverment has no place in the morals business.

    Government has no place dictating what is or isn't a "proper" birth circumstance. Monies and time would be far better spent on education efforts in areas that see high teen pregnancy. (i'll give you a hint, the chart toppers are the same places that offer abstinence only sex ed). I'm not saying correlation equals causation, but it certainly makes one think.

  • What a stupid waste of money that would be.

    While I know it gives conservatives great pain to see that single parents exist, it's not their business to do anything about it. People can make choices to parent a child by their own. A marraige is not required to have or raise a child. There are much better things that the government can spend its money on.

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