Should government ALMOST never censor the internet?

Asked by: totoloto
  • Yes they should almost never do it.

    North Korea and other places severely censor the Internet for the common folk. I don't think that this is what America wants to become. There is no reason to censor the Internet, except in the cases of child porn and a few other cases. Then the content needs to be removed.

  • Free & Open Internet

    I do not believe the government should censor the Internet. I think the original intended nature of the Internet was to have an open and free forum. While it's become obvious that some people can commit crimes over the Internet, I do not think that the whole thing should be changed because of it.

  • YES, the Internet needs censorship. AND the people need freedom as well

    Of course the internet can potentially harbor negative things just like anything else in this world. The key here is balance. Do I think the entire nation should be under surveillance and scrutiny? NO! NOT AT ALL. On the other hand I can understand why the government would want to limit certain things from the children, that can teach them things that they should not know. The internet is the most amazing tool we have, it gives us access to the entire world instantly . Maybe that is the reason for it being so dangerous ,but it is definitely not something to be controlled or restricted. Even the bad things online reflect real human intention or thoughts, we could gain a lot by taking a step back, seeing it for what it really is and helping it to shift our awareness of everything rather than being ignorant and in fear of what we don't know or understand.

  • Government should never censor the internet

    Governments should not almost never censor the internet. Governments should never censor the internet. This is because of the fact that people need to be able to live uncensored by government. Any form of censorship is oppression of freedom. Oppression of freedom is always bad and should be stopped at all costs.

  • Only censor piracy!

    I feel when it comes to the Government becoming more involved with the Internet and the idea of censoring it, the only thing they should try to put an end to would be Internet piracy. Even though I think it's only going to get worse and never actually come to an end.

  • No I disagree.

    Governments need to censor the internet. Even though us as adults may get annoyed by it from time to time, it is necessary. It is the best way to keep children from being exposed to violent materials, and adult nudity at a young age. Censors on the internet need to be there.

  • We have different opinions

    Almost never censor: some censoring but only a bit.
    Everybody has a different view on a certain topic. By letting the government have the power to "almost never" censor, they can choose who's opinion is right and who's opinion is wrong. Even the government officials are biased and can abuse the power that they have. We can't trust them to take care of our opinions that we want to share.

  • No they should not.

    The government should have very little censorship, if any at all.

    There are already crimes that have nothing to do with the Internet and those should be enforced. For example threatening to kill someone is a crime anywhere so it should be on the Internet also. Child pornography is already a crime and so should it be on the Internet. But that is not censoring conduct any more than the same situations offline.

    If it is legal offline, it should be legal online and the government should have no business regulating otherwise free speech.

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Anonymous says2013-07-26T10:36:39.577
The question isn't worded well for a debate. You can be on either side with the same opinion and arguments.