• Yes, but this question is too broad, like many others before it.

    I assume you are meaning a sort of laissez -faire model for the government services, perhaps integrated into the military, like Blackwater and the Defense businesses. Well, it is already, in ways, because even though liberal and socialist ideas are spreading, the USA is still relatively free, compared to other countries.

  • It's a special thing.

    It's the entity that we elect to govern our land--that is a special thing. I remember in grade school being told to capitalize special things such as your friend's names, states...Government. It strikes me as blatantly incorrect to not capitalize the title we use to represent such a major force in the country, but also the world.

  • Capitalize Government? Yes and No

    Whether to capitalize the word "government" is two-fold. There are times to properly capitalize the word, as in "United States Government," or "Her Majesty's Government."
    At most other times, it is not proper or necessary to capitalize the word "government," nor is it desirable to do so. There are some who are leaders of governments around the world who would like the word "government," along with their title, their name, etc., to be on the lips of every citizen, uttered in a worshipful, capitalized, tone of voice.
    While that isn't likely to happen, at least not with sincerity, it is proper to capitalize the word "government" when it is part of a title as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

  • No, the word "government" should not be capitalized.

    No, the word "government" should not be capitalized. "Government" is a common noun. Examples are "the city government was run by thieves" or "what do you expect your state government to do when a hurricane hits?" There is no good reason to capitalize "government" in these instances, because the word is not being used as a proper noun.

  • Government should not be capitalized.

    There is really no reason to capitalize it. If the word is capitalized, then it is implied that it is a proper noun. There is no reason to do this unless the government was the ruling power over a country/nation with the name "Government." Then it would be capitalized, for it would be the proper name for the leading power of the country. But even then, what government would call themselves "Government?"

  • No Thank You

    There is enough greed here in the United States as it is, and there's enough corruption in the political system as well. Capitalizing the government, as I understand it, would give financial incentive for politicians which would lead more of them to make immoral decision. Capitalizing the government would simply make it worse.

  • Government should not be capitalized?

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  • No government capitalization

    We have always been a free country and our freedom is number one at stake. I don't want anyone deciding for my husband and myself what we can and cannot do, especially when it comes to our hard earned money and the benefits from our money, Social Security. We earned and saved every penny. Start with the new generation entering the job force when and if laws are changed, don't rob us of our retirement money!! I want to exist in a world that has excellent leaders that really care about its people and future and protect our country from predators that are illegal immigrants and from the terrorist that Obama has done nothing about because he is a Muslim. When will Americans wake up and get this"Anti-American out of office!! Put the next President who is passionate about our country in office to clean up his mess! When he came into office the debt was 9 trillion or lower, now Obama has increased it to, when leaving office, approximately 23 to 24 trillion dollars!!!!!! Thanks for caring and letting it go on like this Obama! All your servants, staff, vacations (4 million), golf escapades and all the extra money even your family spent could have been scaled down. However, I know the past Presidents wives even had just one or two people helping them out, whereas I've heard you have more than we can count. It seems to me like it's been a vacation because I can't credit you with ANY ACHIEVEMENT TO YOUR PRESIDENCY!!! That is except for putting our country in nothing but CHAOS!! We don't thank you for anything. Only God knows your future ending!!

  • All hell will break loose.

    This question is very oblique and vague. Government shouldn't be capitalized. The country has put it's trust in a group of people to govern the country in a given period of time. The people whom you have elected are not dimwits . Capitalism is good only until a certain level. There should be a line drawn to every big thing. Excess of too much is bad. Capitalism is like you provide the field with fertilizers, the crop will grow at the blink of the eye but at the same time you are stripping the field of it's nutritive value. This is a quintessential for such a situation. I believe there should be a balance in every walk of life. In a course of time, the price of basic commodities like water and electricity would rub shoulders against the prices of precious stones. As in the post case of Bolivia. The authority of supplying water was given in the hands of private companies. The price rose up so high, the government had to witness mass protesting and finally had to withdraw their power. You can very well understand what I mean to say. The country will head to an ominous future come what may. As I mentioned earlier All Hell Will Break Loose

  • WOW, I got a HUGE laugh out of this.

    #1 There are some people here that think the question is about the capitalization of the word "government" !!!

    #2 Now that I have stopped laughing/crying, the answer is an emphatic NO. Government's role in society is completely different that the role of business in society.

    The only metric for the existence of a business is profit, once profit does not exist neither does business. Government (s) exist in perpetuity as long as people exist to insure the common good.

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