• Yes and no.

    The government should be more people oriented but it should not fixate less on rules in doing so. I think that the rules are needed and because of rules is how people live better lives and understand each other better. The government needs to balance both of them better and make both better.

  • Yes It Should

    From my experience with government and all of their rules, I think it would be far better for governments, especially the United States, to be more people-oriented and less fixated on rules. With States less and less likely to interact moving from state to state can become a nightmare for citizens who try to follow the rules. I think this is something that needs attention and certainly needs to be changed.

  • Government More People-Oriented?

    The government is probably as people-oriented as it can be, given that politicians rely on votes. Nevertheless, we do need systems and rules to function. Not that we need miles of bureacratic red tape, but there does need to be some organization. Anyway, which people would they be oriented toward

  • Rules are good for governing.

    Government should not be more people-oriented and less fixated on rules. This is because in a country with over 300,000,000 people it is impossible to lead and govern without a set of laws and guidelines to abide by. Chaos would ensue if we had to rely on all people-centric exceptions.

  • No, the government needs to stay fixated on rules.

    Without the rules in which the government stays fixated on, we will lose a lot of the things that help us be as free as we are. Even though many of these rules are irritating to most people, taxes, police, NSA, and many other things are very important for us to continue to prosper.

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