• Government Should Be Hands-Off

    Without a doubt, the federal government should take a hands-off approach in the daily lives of people. Our government is far too involved in our daily lives, which many should and do consider a major problem. There's no reason that the government should be so visible and present in our lives.

  • Depends on what

    When people say the government should be removed, it is hard to know what they mean specifically. The government today is too involved in the lives of the people - this is true, and something a majority of people (according to a recent Gallup poll) think. This does not mean, however, anarchy, or that government is evil - the contrary, actually. Government is what the people make of it, and people wanting less of it is as valid people wanting more.

  • Yes, it controls us.

    Yes, the government should be removed from the lives of people, because there is way too much that the government controls. A person cannot even get out of bed and out the door without already facing down government intervention 100 times. It is present in the eggs we eat for breakfast, the clothes we wear, and the cars we drive. Government is too involved.

  • The government should be removed.

    We don't need the government most people would say it would be madness. Her's why it wouldn't be if everyone owned a gun since there would be no one to 'protect' us robbers would be AFRAID to come into our houses because then they would get shot. The government is just making our lives harder then they already are.

  • The government should be removed from the lives of people.

    The government should not be involved in the lives of ordinary people. The government is a necessary evil, but it should interfere as little as possible in the affairs of its citizens. There should not be as much surveillance on people, and the government should generally lower taxes on people.

  • No,government should not be removed from the lives of people.

    The average person does not want government removed from their life.No matter how much they complain about the government they usually like the part they are involved and under no circumstances do they want that particular part of the government removed from their lives or eliminated in any form or fwashion.

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