Should government be run like a business (yes) or a family (no)?

  • A government needs to run like a business to be profitable.

    The goal of any government should be profits and not debt. Businesses maintain a similar attitude. Remaining profitable is what drives our economy and continued debt sinks us further down. Family decisions are often made based on emotions suggesting they are not always practical or in the best interest of the family (country) as a whole in the long term.

  • It Should Run Like A Business

    The government should be run like a business. If it's ran like a family, things that need to be done will take forever or not get done at all. Things need to be black and white for the most part when dealing with the government. A family structure doesn't allow that.

  • The government should be run as a business.

    Let's be honest here folks, running something like a family means it is going to be run in total chaos, because that is what a family essentially is. A business has the overall goal of efficiency and success, and that is what government really should be trying to strive for.

  • Government is a business so of course it should be run like one!

    Let's say we compare our government to a grocery store. What is the main goal of the grocery store? To provide products to its customers and make money from it. That is exactly what the government does. It speaks for us and provides services we need in exchange for money, such as taxes! A business is more structured and by the book, much more so than a family would be and it should be considering the state our economy is in at the present moment.

  • Like a family.

    We could all do much better for ourselves as a country if our government were run more like a family. And by this I mean that our government could actually care about what is going on with its citizens, instead of just trying to cut costs and be as efficient as possible.

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MasturDbtor says2013-04-05T01:29:42.150
Neither. A government is a government. It's not a business and it's not a family. Governments emerge and maintain naturally because people desire mutual protection of their freedoms. It's not a business, it's not all about money or power and it's not a family and we're not children.