Should government compensate the peasant ,if their area is prone to natural disasters

Asked by: Dol
  • Government should !

    Peasant are poor and cannot afford to live their lives without the area ,where they are working . They need help from the government to repay for their destroyed property because the region is prone to disasters, the peasant cannot afford to rebuild the whole region again so the government should some mercy towards them by compensating

    Posted by: Dol
  • The government should not.

    The maker of this opinion seems to have a miss understanding. Peasants is what they seem to believe as do not exist in that form in modern countries. Even in poor countries as the poverty line is lower and money goes farther peasants are not subject to a constant natural disaster. This argument that they should be given money because of what "might" happen would bankrupt a country or most couldn't afford it. If a disaster happens then it is different but one should not receive money because of a "might". That is the basis of insurance, you don't pay out to all your customers cause they might get in a car crash but only if they do get in one. Only in the case of an emergency should any money be paid to help rebuild an area.

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