• Yes, they should.

    No matter how much I don't support extremist, it is a right given to us by the constitution to be free. They can express their views in any way, as long it doesn't harm any individual. If they were not aloud to join extremist political parties, that in turn could limit other people's rights in the future.

  • Yes government employees should be allowed to join the political parties of their choice.

    The Constitution of the United States provides ALL citizens with the right to freedom of association, this includes workers of the federal government. As long as the membership does not interfere with the security or integrity of a worker's position they should be allowed to belong to any political party they choose.

  • Yes, they should

    I can't stand the tea party, I can't stand libertarians, but if I am to say I am behind the concepts of freedom in this country I have to allow both to exist and anybody that wishes to join can do so. Government employees joining these fringe groups doesn't make me happy, but if we deny them the right to, it turns into a "what's next" scenario.

  • They represent their employer.

    No, government employees should not be allowed to join extremist political parties, because these are parties that want to overthrow either the government or the Americans' way of life. By working for the government, a person is subject to the government's interests. They shouldn't join a group that wants to overthrow their employer.

  • No, government employees should not be allowed to join extremist groups.

    I do not believe that it is right for government employees to join extremist political parties. The fact that they work for the government makes it a case of national security. So any individual that belongs to such extremist political groups should not have the ability to work for the government.

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