• It should do both.

    The governments should decide what should be expanded and contracted on a case by case basis. In my opinion, we should expand our unemployment funds and money for SNAP so that people don't go hungry. I feel that we should contract and stay out of the lives of people in the case of individual rights such as marijuana legality and keeping gay people from being allowed to marry.

  • It should expand.

    Government should expand, but keep freedoms the same way they are. And when I talk expansion of government, I'm talking public banking, free health care, free education, and free public transportation. Things that improve society. And, at the same time, to achieve this, all we have to do is tax the rich and cut down on military spending.

  • No, the government should contract.

    I think that the government should contract. I think that in this day and age, the government has way too much power and control over the American people. I think the main point of creating a Democracy was to keep the government out of our daily lives for the most part.

  • The best government is small.

    Government should contract, because there are so many things that people can do better than the government. Americans are the most generous people on earth. We don't need people to have food stamps and cash assistance, because we have homeless shelters and soup kitchens. Actual people can have much better oversight on fraud in helping programs.

  • We need smaller

    The government needs to exist at a smaller level, we do not need large branches of government. The normal, American people do not feel connected with their governors, president, or anyone else in congress. If it was brought to a smaller level and more local then the normal, everyday people would probably have more trust for their officials.

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