• Good for economy

    Scientific research and innovation are important for growth of the economy. Research also saves life by deciphering the new ways of medical diagnosis and treatment. It supports universities and the hospitals. Due to all these important aspects government should increase the funding on scientific research. .. .. .. .. ..

  • Yes, increase the funding.

    Government funding of scientific research should be increased and by a lot. We allocate our funds to things like war and a police state, but we short change science constantly. The country with the best technological and scientific advancements is the one who continues to lead the world. This is of utmost importance.

  • Yes, the government should offer more funding for research.

    Yes, the government should offer more funding for research that can improve general health and energy efficiency. Curing cancer and finding alternative fuel sources have both long been goals of the scientific communities, and though neither goal has been fully achieved, there have been numerous advances. Those advances should be the encouragement that the government needs to provide additional funds.

  • scientific be increased

    I personally agree,The logic behind enhanced public access is plain. We know that scientific research supported by the Federal Government spurs scientific breakthroughs and economic advances when research results are made available to innovators. Policies that mobilize these intellectual assets for re-use through broader access can accelerate scientific breakthroughs, increase innovation, and promote economic growth. That’s why the Obama Administration is committed to ensuring that the results of federally-funded scientific research are made available to and useful for the public, industry, and the scientific community.

  • yes it should

    Yes, I do think that it would be a good idea for them to pick up the amount of money that is given to the people who can do research for science, since this is the only way that we will be able to fix a lot of the problem.

  • The Funding Is Available

    I do not believe the government should fund more scientific research. I believe the funding is available and it should be supplied at its current level without an increase. I believe wealthier Americans should donate more of their money to scientific research so the funds they are holding can benefit society as a whole.

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