• Discoveries are made by research, by trial and by error - not researching never discovered anything

    Despite past bungling and errors, we do know that in nature certain examples exist that point to the possibility of doing it even if a long shot - with time many long shots have come in - space travel, TV, wireless communication and other things people once only fantasized about

  • To A Degree

    I believe it is important to study and research the viability of cryonics and for that reason I think it is important for the government to use some funds to help pay for these studies. I do not think it is necessary to earmark a ton of money for this, but only enough to further research and study the process.

  • Private funds should lead the way, and will get better results.

    After the roll out of obamacare, I think it should be clear that government involvement is costly and ineffective at best. The private sector has led the way in research and development of many medical trends and ideas. If the government gets involved, money will be doled out to political friends like it always is, not to the most deserving recipient.

  • No: Government Funds Should Not Be Used For Cryonics

    The world we live in is rapidly destabilizing on the economic and environmental fronts. We have to be wise as to how we spend our resources. Cryonics is a largely speculative endeavor, whereas the problems we face right now are very real. Funds need to be spent towards preparing the population to build resiliency in the face of the coming storm.

  • Cryonics may be a viable field one day buy at present it's psuedoscience

    Budgets are tight all over. Legitimate researchers struggle to find funding. Cryonics can't be supported because of this scarcity of research dollars and also because it is of no benefit to society as a whole. It can be argued that cryonics is contrary to the public good, considering how the planet is overpopulated. One thing the world doesn't need is people who won't die.

  • No, government funds shouldn't be used for cryonics.

    I do not think that the government should provide funds to pay for cryonics. Such a business or process should be something that is funded and paid for the private sector. The government shouldn't be funding something just so that a business can profit from it. I also don't think its something that should be a medical procedure.

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