Should government increase their role in guiding food and nutrition selections?

  • Exposure

    Many of us are exposed to foods like snacks and soda that are unhealthy. The government can take a part and change that for the future generation. Limiting the certain food consumption. Some of the meals from school don't even provide nutrition facts! Obesity can also be prevented when the government decides to limit food consumption.

  • Fat People

    Obesity starts at a young age everywhere, a legal minimum purchasing ability would keep kids fit and able to function correctly, as in they would be able to WALK in the store and not ride those stupid carts. The fact of the matter is, people don't understand that when you have too much you get fat

  • help us get healthy

    most Americans do not care what they eat and most likely heads straight to the fatty sugary foods. but with the governments help in banning some of those foods the Americans can live longer because they are more healthier. even though it is cheaper to buy less healthy food we should not give up our health and chance at a longer life be jeprdised by the want for spare change.

  • Yes

    Government should controll what schools eat because over 30,000 people die because of obesity. If government dont act fast than we all could get FAT and that would not be healthy. Thanks to Michelle Obama, who is trying to get schools to eat healthier, she is succeding but is doing this very slowly.

  • I support the government increase in guiding food and nutrition selections, because it is in everyone's best interest if our country is healthy.

    The sole purpose of business is to make money. Food companies get us addicted to their food, pharmaceuticals want to give us pills, and surgeons want their cosmetic surgery fees, all in order to make money. The government should dictate that nutrition labels be placed on all foods being sold anywhere, so people know what they are eating. The government should also require that healthy alternatives are available in schools and in restaurants. This will balance the freedom to eat what we want, with helping to provide us with healthier choices.

    Posted by: labusy
  • I think the government must increase their role in guiding nutrition selections due to the obesity epidemic facing our country.

    I believe the government has to step in and influence nutrition decisions more especially in our nation's schools. The school lunch program is not currently set up to teach children how to make good food choices and is contributing to the obesity epidemic in our country.

    Many children cannot learn proper nutrition at home therefore the only place they receive education about nutrition is schools. However, our governments policies allow children to consume chocolate milk on a daily basis which contains as much sugar as a soda. Children need to learn that French fries are not a good vegetable option but according to school program guidelines it is.

    Obesity is a contributing factor in the development of several life threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The costs associated with treating these diseases are driving health costs beyond where many people can afford proper medical treatment.

    Posted by: tae993ag
  • The government should take a more active role in educating the public on healthy nutrition choices.

    Some people have grown up making poor food choices. If the government is more active in making information known, it will be easier for us to combat the growing problem of obesity. Knowing how to plan a meal, what options have less calories, which foods are healthier and other simple tips can create ease in changing lifestyles for those who were raised oblivious of nutritional guides. People need to understand that food is fuel, and what you eat is directly proportional to how you feel and how you look.

    Posted by: badmadicine
  • To an extent, the government should regulate food selection, because a government has a responsibility to protect its people, or at least its budget and its economy.

    People may say, "The only people who are harmed by bad eating habits are the ones who engage in them," but that is patently false. Food-related conditions such as diabetes tax the health-care system, creating opportunity costs in the economy which stifle its growth; in addition, the government loses money directly from the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

    Posted by: TheSans
  • Nutrition is an important thing to address.

    Considering the obesity epidemic plaguing this nation, it would be a great idea to keep a steady job on focusing on nutritional information for all consumers.

    Posted by: NumberlessClemente63
  • The government should increase its role in guiding food and nutrition selections by restricting funding for food products to only healthy choices.

    It is wrong to restrict what foods a corporation is able to sell. However, if a citizen is receiving food assistance (such as food stamps, free school lunches, et cetera), the government should only allow its funds to be used for healthy alternatives. For instance, food stamps could be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, meats, or dairy, but not candy bars, chips, or sodas. Candy bars, chips, and sodas are not necessary components of a diet, so by funding their purchase, the government is essentially funding a form of recreation that not only creates health problems, but increases its financial burden. Most people on government-funded food plans have no health-care plans, so when they become sick as a result of their unhealthy, government-funded diet, the government ends up paying for their emergency room health-care too.

    Posted by: A Paul
  • The government should decrease their role.

    The government should decrease their role in nutrition selections. In comparing the US government recommendations with that of other governments, particularly European governments, the US recommendations contains entirely too much starch and too little protein. This triggers a glycemic response, causing the body to produce an excess amount of insulin, and causes the body to retain fat.

    Posted by: VoicelessEmil67
  • If the government worries about what we eat, then what will be next?

    When a governments can micromanage what we eat, they can do anything else they want. If the government cannot provide basic food assistance to the millions on food stamps, while over half of the food in schools is thrown away, how can they expect to do a good job managing independent adults? The short answer is that they cannot. If the government seeks to manage adult food choices, seeking to punish those who buy sugar will interfere with punishing those who rape, maim and murder. Thus, controlling adults on food choices will harm them, as well as violate their adult rights.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • The government already does too much in our lives, and they don't have the money to do more anyway.

    People are first and foremost responsible for their own care. The government should only take a supporting role in any fundamental lifestyle decisions, such as nutrition. While it is wise for the government to help people know what is healthy and good for them, it should not go beyond that. Should the government go beyond this role, then they are taking the responsibility away from the people to care for themselves, and this is neither appropriate, nor justified.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Our governement came up with the food pyaramid to begin with.

    The previous "food pyramid" was more like a "feed lot pyramid". The foods recommended were more like what is used to fatten cattle in the Chicago feed lots. Americans are suffering from a epidemic of obesity. Get the government out of the food business and let common sense rule the land.

  • The government should not increase their role in guiding food and nutrition selections, because it already has too much control.

    Generally speaking, people are taught proper nutrition and what is healthy from an early age. As a guide, we also have the food pyramid. If people choose not to follow it, then that's their choice. People should be able to choose whatever they want to eat, just like choosing their outfit for the day. The government already has so much control. First, they made the fast food chains eliminate trans-fats, now there are regulations for restaurants and salt use. While I agree that these are poor nutrition choices, it is my choice to consume it. If I eat it, I suffer the consequences. If we let them control what we eat, what will be next? What will happen to the manufacturers of food that the government decides is bad for us? How do they decide what is bad? How many people will lose their jobs? The government should stay out of food and nutrition selections.

    Posted by: KimMyh3r0
  • I believe the food pyramid is all the government contribution people need in making food and nutrition selections.

    I think regardless of what the government does there are people that are going to continue to make unhealthy and unwise food choices. The government has already done its part when it created the food pyramid to assist people in make good choices. If people choose not to follow that then it is their fault and not the fault of the government.

    Posted by: 54nShaI
  • I do not support an increase in the government's regulation of food and nutrition selections because I feel the FDA already implements the right standards, and people should be allowed to decide what they consume.

    I believe that the FDA should continue to set the standards for what is safe and what is not for the public. However, beyond that I believe that people should have the freedom of choosing what they consume and what they do not consume. The government should address more political issues that they are better suited to handle than the consumption choices of the everyday American. As long as food is safe to eat, I think it is best to leave determining nutritional value to those who are considering it for dinner.

    Posted by: taffydelite
  • It's called accountability! People know what they are eating unless they have been living under a rock!

    Educating the people is one thing . . . But wasting more money in attempts to enforce something they are not equipped to do is just foolish. Focus on the criminals. Michelle Obama made an amazing impression on the youth of America by getting involved in school lunches. That is a perfectly respectable intervention. But as for taxing and penalizing people for obesity and poor food choices, that is insane!

  • NOOOn nooo no

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  • "NO" more Government!

    It's NOT the Govt's job to tell you what to eat and how to live. Learn self moderation and learn how to be responsible for your own decisions. Every time we the people give gov't more power, they take away our ability to self govern and make our own decisions. Giving them the power takes away our freedoms. Stop the madness! Where does it end? What do you want them to take control of next? Your children and how they can dress in your home? What jobs you are allowed to seek? Sounds like America is turning into Communists or Socialist where the government controls everything. NO MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL!!!

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