Should government officials who vote "yes" for war be forced to serve on the front lines of the most dangerous areas of the potential war?

Asked by: Revocation
  • Absolutely, anything else is cowardice

    It doesn't take any kind of special education to know that it would only be right if politicians were forced to fight on the front lines. This would make them think twice about saying "yes" when asked if they want war. This would virtually end all military conflict, since most politicians are just cowards who would never sacrifice a single thing for the nation that supports their undeserved lifestyle.

  • We need politicians in our daily life.

    Politicians are for tactics and soldiers are for war but we should not support war it is awful and cruel.Even if people might support it keep your idea in mind.Know they should not be cause they just are a bit sick minded and it is there choice to go or not.

  • Politicians are not soldiers.

    If they fight in a war then they'll die and we have nobody to plan attacks and defenses. We'll have nobody to govern or support us and then we're screwed. This is one of the dumbest and stupidest ideas that I've heard. Especially if they're on front lines where they'll definitely die

  • Of course not

    Politicians are not trained to fight in wars. Soldiers agree to fight in life-threatening places. Politicians are busy running a country. If politicians were to have to fight in wars it may lower wars, but it would allow terrorist groups like ISIS to completely take over the middle east. Anyone would thinks this is a good idea obviously has no critical thinking.

  • Politicians are the ones who plan the wars.

    We need professionals (politicians) who actually know how to win a war. Politicians plan the tactics while the military carry the orders out. We shouldn't kill off our politicians by putting them into warzones. They are what makes the country keep on going; they're too important.
    War is bad and everything should be done to prevent it, however it is sometimes necessary. Britain and France had to declare war on Nazi Germany because they were just invading all the defenceless countries. Western Europe was their saviour.

  • Hur dur hur dur derp derp derp

    Okay, look. There's a lot of wars that America needs to fight. But those wars aren't gonna be fought if our politicians are too afraid of being sent to the frontlines. What if Russia invades Alaska? Or what if China invades Hawaii? Should we not fight then? Because we most certainly wouldn't if this idiotic rule was in place.

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madness says2016-12-02T09:36:13.743
Should those who vote no for war be forced into small Syrian villages and have ISIS shoot their chest into a concaved heap of mush?