• Because its far

    Because you shouldnt have to pay for health car everyone should have the right to have it. Right now for the usa is too tired : rich people get good halth care and poor people don't get any and if they do its not good. Also what happens if you can't afford health care? You should slowly or fastly die over time? How is that far to anyone everyone deserves health care to be healthy and live as long as they can or get help and get cured if your sick. . . . . Plus it would be better to pay higher taxes so you have free health care and you don't have to pay a fortune to get health care. Finally it would save the gouverment money. I could go on and on and on about why there should be free health care and the gouverment pay for it. I don't have a clue why anyone would say no so if your reading this you i hope i conviced you to vote yes! Thank you! Please support me and all the others and say yes, Because we all know that we alll deserve free health care.

  • Yes, tax pharmaceutical companies to pay for it and regulate for fair pricing of pharmaceuticals.

    Yes, make a tax on pharmaceutical companies to pay for it and regulate for fair pricing of pharmaceuticals. Why do they deserve to profit so much off our illness? Billions, nearing trillions per year. Give me a break! Tax the 1 percenters if that is not enough, why do they need money they couldn't spend in a 500 year lifetime when others can't even afford the simplest of necessities. Figure it out US gov!

  • Paying for our Health Care.

    The government is taking a whole bunch of our money and then they want use to pay for our health if we are sick. So the least they can do is pay for our health with the money that we have given them, correction the money they take from use.

  • We already have "socialized medicine"!

    Employer-Provided insurance is a form of socialized medicine for 60% of the US population. It is paid for by a hidden "tax"-tax subsidies plus increased costs of goods and services. We all pay for it but don't realize it.

    It distorts the market. People have not had to face what actual costs are, and don't appreciate how much cost is shifted from those on Medicare/Medicaid to those with private insurance (both employer-provided and individually purchased). Insurance companies have to make a profit, so some of our health-care dollars go to their shareholders and not toward health-care. Insurance companies exert control over how medicine is practiced, often denying payment for treatment that is accepted if they designate it to be "experimental." Such designations may vary from one company to another, and be determined by people without medical training. Such problems might be eliminated by true competition in a truly free market, but as I said, we are so far from that we need to make some major changes.

    Either get rid of employer-provided insurance completely, or provide insurance for everyone!

  • Yes I do

    Beep beep I'm a sheep. The odd 1s out and jaiden animations is so very awesome and cool. So is tonyvtoons, you should check them out. Just so you know it is on YouTube. They are the best you tubers. You have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of them.

  • Government paid for health care for everyone!

    Use the $56 billion planned spending on the military to provide health care to the 20 million ACA covered individuals.
    Nobody can be denied. Use it if you need to. Pre-existing illness would be covered. Line item charges for services received. Meaning: each service already has a cost to it. Example: broken wrist, $300. Ex-rays $75. Stitches, $80. Etc..
    Medical facility would get paid directly from the Government. Each individual would have a $1000 deductible due same time they file their taxes. Families have a $2500 deductible or some other number. Maybe a 1 or 2 million dollar cap. You can use a MSA account.

  • Love your fellow Humans

    Would you not help your neighbor if they fell down and they got hurt? What if your friend's child got into a car accident and they can't afford to pay for it? Should your friend's family have to suffer for a common day occurrence? Just because you were fortunate enough to be born in America doesn't mean that you are worth more or less than someone else that wasn't. We need to come together as humans and strive together as a species, regardless of faith, skin color, sexual orientation, and gender. America is the greatest nation on the planet because of it's multicultural background and its relentless pursuit of greatness! Do not become divided by those who wish to profit off our division! Reason why those pharmaceutical companies lobby egregiously hard against the ACA (Obamacare) is because they have the most to lose at the day. And that's profit. But I believe your friend has more to lose than them because what's a child's life to money? Is that how we are supposed to live? If you can't afford healthcare, then die or live in a perpetual state of debt and uncertainty. And the same people screaming for no government paid health care are the same people who want to abolish abortion....What do you think happens to those kids when they grow up and they have no healthcare to support them? They would've been better dead than to a life of suffering.

  • Why Not ?

    It's true, healthcare is way too expensive. What is more important? Money and business? I don't think so. Another true fact... The government should use taxes to pay for health care. You can save lives of many families. This health care problem is building up stress in many Americans. For once, help us.

  • Health is wealth

    Many people can't afford the large amounts of money in America they do a mri scan for a broken bone .Did you know that in some places in Europe you pay for medical care through taxes? That’s right, technically it is free there. Here in America, 8 out of 10 working families cannot afford health insurance. 20.4 percent of African Americans are uninsured and 8.7 American children are uninsured (ACEP, 2014). Most people in the world are uninsured because it costs too much money and medical expenses are not always covered (KFF, 2015). It usually costs $100 - $200 dollars a month, per adult, for health insurance. (TheLawDictonary, 2015). Just because people can’t afford medical care, doesn't mean that they shouldn't have health insurance. You shouldn't get ripped off

  • Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, , ㅡ

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  • Say no to forced healthcare

    It should be a free choice not forced. People need to work and pay for it not us paying for some lazy person. If you want health care pay for it. If you don't want it don't get it. Its so illogical to just make everyone buy it and pay for other people also.

  • No, it is not a right.

    No, the government should not pay for health care, because it is not a human right. There is nothing in our constitution that compels some citizens to pay for the health care needs of others. Health care is something that a person can choose if they want to. It is unfair to make some pay for others without their consent.

  • What about the COST?

    The Government doesn't just have a stash of money and says 'Hmm! I guess we can put this into health care'. Think about the taxes placed on people with steady jobs, and a steady income who can afford healthcare! This isn't some free idea that just happens. We're the ones paying for someone we hardly know just so they can be healthy. Why should I pay for someone who cant afford healthcare when I can? I can do it! So can they.

  • The government should not pay for health care

    It is easy to simply say that the government should be responsible for the health of all individuals, but we must understand that it isn't the role of the government to do this. Our constitution explicitly states the role of the government and it doesn't state that it should supply healthcare. I understand people will argue with heart felt stories of how if they had healthcare a family member may still be alive today. The issue here is that if we use these types of stories to determine the role of the government then we will be asking them to do everything for us. I feel that the government should instead help to facilitate a fair health care market which would help to give everyone the ability to have health care.

  • Its not right for doctors or the people

    In a single payer system, The government has a limited amount of funds to pay for healthcare. In the UK for example, The government dictates when people can have their appointments and which doctor they see. Furthermore, Many of the "benefits" of government based healthcare only extend to emergency response. America is the number one country for medical innovation and elective procedures. Doctors and insurance companies work out prices and you get to choose when and where you want to see your doctor. Seeing a specialist doesn't take a long wait time. Most Americans can schedule appointments that fit into their schedules and can see the specialist in a few days or a week. In other countries, Wait times for elective procedures and specialists visits take up to 6 weeks. Many doctors who either own or work from a small business find that it's increasingly more difficult to sustain themselves due to new government regulations. Doctors often have to see 20 patients or more per day just to sustain their practices. As a result, Many of them are joining large corporations or medical systems where business can be run more sustainably. Often, Paperwork from government based healthcare complicates matters, Meaning doctors have to know all potential loopholes in the system or they could have their medical liscense revoked. America is a place where an individual is supposed to determine what they want, How much they want, And how much they are willing to pay. The beauty of the American system is that it gives the benefit of choice and preference for both doctor and patient.

  • No flipin way they should!

    If we allow the government to pay for our health care we lose all rights to chose what we want done our health. If we allow them to pay for our health they are given the right to chose everything. It is basically a life or death choice. So I say no flipin way

  • The government can only provide so much

    The reason why government should not pay for healthcare is because the government only has so much money. Take the UK for example, about 20 years ago, they started providing healthcare for their citizens. Now, the UK has been cancelling surgeries because they can't afford them. People in the UK have also not gotten treatment for certain problems not covered on their health care plan. That is because the government can't afford everything. Let's let the mistakes of other countries teach us lessons about what government really should be doing

  • No more handouts

    Why should I pay for someone to sit on their ass with a low paying job that does not offer any benefits... If we just give a handout to anyone who wants one this country will fill fall and crash. We need to start making people pay for what they want, that's the way its supposed to be.

  • Subsidies and Tax credits don't lower costs

    A subsidy and tax credits don't lower costs, they hide them. Indeed they are a means of redistributing costs among a population and its effect is to mute the true cost of the good or service received. We don't need to repair or replace Subsidies for Tax credits we need to look at how the system works. Hospitals and medical facilities bill insurers based on contracts they negotiate between them. The insured (those of us who are not subsidized) are more often stuck paying that "negotiated" rate for a service due to their high deductible plan. The insured receives a bill for weeks to months after the service is performed and if the insured tries to inquire about costs up front with the medical facility they are told - sorry if you have insurance its negotiated between them and the insurer and you as the insured are not allowed to receive such privileged information, regardless of the fact they you will end up paying it as part of your deductible. However for the same person if they were not insured at all they would be able to inquire with the medical facility about cost, receive information and most often receive a very deep discount for the service that was far less than that "negotiated" rate any insurer gives them the benefit of for paying a massive premium each year.

    Ridiculous ! Subsidies and tax credits are just smoke and mirrors of a broken system where the services rendered in general are grossly over prescribed and overcharged. There is no accountability. We need to even the playing field by forcing medical facilities to publish their prices and set them across the board and do away with the "negotiated rate" mumbo jumbo, then watch good old competition kick in as anyone needing a medical service will be able to compare the menu of services at each local medical facility and make their own educated choices.

  • The country would be better off with healthcare provided by the market

    Normally I would advocate for the increased government funding of public activities, but healthcare is simply too expensive to not be a burden on taxpayers. People always say "WELL EUROPE HAS FREE HEALTHCARE". Guess what? Those countries are MUCH smaller and less densely populated than the US. It's simply too expensive for the government to provide healthcare. Our population is too big and our tax rates are too low. We already provide more funding to healthcare than most countries in the world, yet it is still expensive. Why? Because there is no incentive for the costs to go down. There's no competition and it's much easier to provide free healthcare for a population of around 80 million people at a 40% tax rate at middle class (like most countries in Europe) than for 318 million people at around a 20-28% tax rate at middle class. Personally, I have no problem with having healthcare be competitive. It allows the government to pursue funding in other organizations like NASA, education, etc. If you're a European country, it is completely realistic and within their ability to provide free healthcare. The US is simply too big and too populated. I don't mind giving my money to help pay for people's healthcare, the thing about it is that it's still going to be paid for either way. You can either pay for it through super high tax rates (i'm talking 50% at current spending) or through your own pocketbook. Unless the government spends 20% of the budget on healthcare, we will not be getting free healthcare

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