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  • Governments Should Provide Health Care

    Yes, governments should provide their citizens health care as being given the treatment to be healthy is the right of any living individual. No one should be forced to suffer and die simply because that person cannot afford adequate health care. Therefore, it is the responsibility of governments to provide health care.

  • Yes indeed

    It should be at least available for those who cannot afford it. I believe the government should be responsible for the health and well-being of its citizens. I believe that most people should take this responsibility for themselves, but for many who cannot, the government should offer some low-level safety-net health coverage. It is in everybody's best interest to have a healthy society.

  • Yes. This sould be required.

    Yes, the government should provide health care. I believe we should all have government issued health care for every American. Health care should be free and provided by the government. By my moral system, we should all have free healthcare that is easy to get from the government. I believe this should be an easy process.

  • Yes

    But it should not be required. If the government wants to provide an option that is fine but they should not require anything. Government should not get to big and want to run everything. This is America after all and we need to make sure that we live up to what this country was built on FREEDOM.

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  • The government is the problem.

    The government is making us change our own health care for their own Obama care. This isn't right we should be able to buy what ever health care we want. Besides when the government was made, the constitution said the government should not be involved in the economy. The government shouldn't break the constitution.

  • No more health care from the government from our taxes!

    Taxes keep getting higher and higher and we can not pay for other peoples health care with our TAXES! The world is bankrupt because the taxes. People are losing there jobs and can not afford high taxes. Open up your eyes America and vote for what is RIGHT! Don't be a dummy save your MONEY!!!

  • No, get your own health care

    We are paying our taxes for other people who don't. That is wrong and people should pay for their own because we can't afford all of these taxes if it's not helping ourselves. The world is going bankrupt because of taxes. Open up your eyes America vote for what is RIGHT!!!!

  • No, I don't think so

    I don't think that It is the Governments responsibility to provide health care for everyone. Whose taxes does that get taken out of? Oh yeah, the hard working middle class! Government providing health care simply just does not work. Jobs should be supplying health care, and there should be affordable health care options for all.

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