• Yes, I think Government restrictions on businesses should be reduced.

    I think Government restrictions on businesses should be reduced overall, the money that is saved by some of these pointless restrictions being lifted can very well save many people from being laid off during down sizing, I think there needs to be a hard look at Government regulations in the workplace and get rid of the ones that do not make any sense.

  • Yes government restrictions should be eased on businesses.

    I feel that government restrictions should be eased on businesses to reduce corporate downsizing. Over the last 20 years corporations have been leaving the US due to more efficient operations overseas. Businesses are facing challenges with new health care laws that are putting pressure on their bottom line. With unemployment already at a high level, corporate downsizing will create a free fall of unemployment.

  • Corporate downsizing is the free market in action

    I believe the government shouldn't be socially or economically engineering in any way. 'We're here from the government, and we're here to help" is the biggest fallacy of all. Government regulation is preposterous as it is -- does government really need to "deregulate its regulations"? Crappy legislation it ruled on to "help" citizens? Unintended consequences are the rule of the day of late. A message to government; 'You've wrecked it! We'll fix it, in time. Leave us alone." As for the plethora of downsizing? Mind your own business...

  • No, Government Restrictions have a place in business

    We have restrictions on business for good reasons: corporations and businesses will take advantage of any cheap opportunity, including dumping of waste. In West Virginia 300,000 people have been affected by senseless dumping of waste into the water supply. We would have even more of this without our current restrictions on businesses.

  • No, not at all.

    It is not government restrictions that need to be eased on business. This is not what is causing downsizing in companies. Poorly-ran companies, or companies that are being beat out by competitors, or greedy companies wind up needing to downsize. This isn't government's fault at all. Never has been. Not in the US at least.

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