Should Government should provide subsidies for low income families to alow moms to stay home

  • For caretakers in general

    As a housewife who isn't planning on having kids, I think it's unfair how there are double-standards of women being housewives without getting paid in a world where having one income quite literally doesn't fit the bill. I want to be a housewife more than anything, And I often resent feminists because I'm sure if women still stayed at home husbands would get some sort of pay for it.

    This should be for anyone who signs up to be a caretaker. It isn't all glam and relaxation and IS work, Just not crappy work involving strangers, Which shouldn't be mandatory with social anxiety on the rise.

  • For the children’s sake

    I don’t like government spending money but it is important that all children have a parent in the home I believe that is what’s best for the kids and society at large and I also believe that it is the job of the government to provide for the general welfare of the nation

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