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  • PBS should NOT at all be cut.

    PBS shouldn't be cut by government funds, because, without government funds, PBS won't be public television anymore & PBS is special & their programming are much higher quality than commercial TV. PBS has the best children's programming, best political news, best arts, best travelling shows, best cooking shows, best educational documentaries. PBS is litterly my favorite channel. No channel even comes close to PBS. I wan't PBS to be around forever!

  • No,government spending for PBS should not be cut.

    Government spending for PBS should not be cut.Every citizen has the right to quality public entertainment and education.Shows like Sesame Street should be open to all children not just the ones whose families have lots of money,A more educated public is a better public that will make the world a better place.

  • No, government spending for PBS should not be cut.

    I believe that government spending for PBS should not be cut. It is so nice to be able to watch TV without many commercials. PBS also has quality programming for children, such as Sesame Street. Children should not be deprived of such good programming just because the government has cut money to PBS.

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