• Yes, government workers should be censored.

    I definitely think that government workers should be censored. I think that as a government worker, they should have to uphold a certain level of standards that other workers do no necessarily have to. I think that it only makes sense for government works to be censored to a point by the government.

  • No, I don't think Government workers should be censored.

    I think Government workers should have the same rights and privileges that a private sector worker has, I don't believe the Government should be censoring anyone regardless of who they are working for, I think the only time censorship is acceptable is when dealing with highly classified economic or military documents.

  • Government workers should in no way be censored.

    In order to get the best possible insight on the workings of our government, we should be able to hear from the voices of those people who are most directly involved with the government's inner workings: its employees. Government employees serve a vital public service not only by in their work, but in their ability to keep us informed.

  • It's different for government workers.

    No, government workers should not be censored, because their situation is different than it is for most employees. A private employee can demand that employees speak positively about the company, however, government workers are still citizens. They should be allowed to make constructive criticisms of their own country if they want to.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I believe people should maintain the right to free speech and I think that should always include government workers. I think our government needs to reassess what secrets it actually needs to keep. Obama ran on a platform of open government and we have received the exact opposite. Government workers should be allowed to speak out about their jobs and they should maintain their rights to free speech.

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