Should governments allow drugs to be bought and sold?

  • I think yes

    I think yes because the government will know about it and can control the amount of drugs bought and the amount of time between buying. The government can also control who the drugs are being sold to. Atlkhskld alskdtjh talk thkdlsj tkslhd ktshlsk ltkhs k task lksthksht ks ahpeotih oahtk.

  • Fighting the drug war is an expensive, losing battle.

    After decades of fighting the drug war, the United States has made no progress reducing the consumption of drugs, and the country has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Money currently spent on prosecuting and incarcerating drug abusers could be more effective if spent on prevention and drug treatment. As long as drugs are illegal, the violence and crime associated with the drug trade on the black market will continue.

  • Yes, legalization is the answer.

    Legalizing drugs would give the government the opportunity to tax and regulate drugs. This means more money for the government and safer drugs for those who want to use them. Keeping the buying and selling of drugs illegal only leads to a lot of criminal activity and dangerous drug mixes on the streets.

  • Drugs are illegal for a reason.

    Drugs are made illegal because of the harm they have on society as whole, along with individual harm. If these drugs were allowed to be bought and sold without consequence, then the negative effects would increase through the country. By making the drugs illegal it deters the action of buying, selling and consuming said drugs. While it does not stop the matter all together, it does help the situation from getting worse.

  • No Legalization Of Drugs

    The government should absolutely, positively not legalize the selling of drugs. They rob users of imagination, spirit, energy, goals, achievement and reality. Drugs numb the minds and hearts of children. They create a dangerously comfortable place, from which some people never return. They cause division in families and loss of security and hope for the future.

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