Should governments allow private companies to fail, rather than bailing them out?

  • Yes, bailing them out will not cause change

    Yes, when a company fails there are some problems, but if the government's insistence on bailing out the large companies means that they are supporting whatever bad practices got the company in trouble in the first place. How are these companies going to change and get better if their mistakes are rewarded?

  • Yes, it will make us stronger.

    The notion that some companies are too big to fail is ridiculous. If corporate American knows the government is waiting to swoop and fix all their screw ups, there is no incentive to work harder and prevent the same mistakes from happening again. It's time for corporate America to put up or shut up. You made the mess, you fix it!

  • Yes, We Need To Stop Bailing Out Failures

    The government should really stop bailing out companies. Why give money to a company that made bad decisions and failed in the past. It makes no sense at all. All it's doing is digging the country into more debt because the reputation of these private companies is already ruined by the time they get bailed out and people have lost interest.

  • Yes

    Our country is in such a huge debt hold that unless we stop bailing companies out, we will never be able to get out of it and will continue to add to it. I hear people say all the time "well money can just be printed". Yes it can, but every time they have to add more money into the circulation, it lowers the value of the $1, and I personally don't want to see the cost of living continually go up.

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