• Yes, these should be illegal.

    There are all sorts of ways of exploiting young children, who can not make decisions about these things for themselves. So, while this might not be the worst way, it is definitely a way of using children for the aims of adults who benefit and live vicariously through their youth and talent and budding sexuality.

  • Yes, beauty pageants are silly.

    These things are getting way out of hand in today's society, as many people are continuously wanting more and more entrants of younger and younger kids. All the parents want is for their child to be famous, and in turn of course make the family millionaires. It is a shame.

  • As detestable as some pageants are, it is not governments decision about such events.

    While many beauty pageants may devalue children and not teach the values that many people care for, it is a parent's choice about whether or not such events are to the benefit of their child. Beauty pageants can serve to support some good values for children and it is not necessary that a beauty pageant will be detrimental to children's health, nor is it governments role to decide such things.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the governments should bad all beauty pageants for children. I believe some of these pageants are good for children and they are done in good taste without stressing out the children. I believe there are pageants that the parents take far to serious and this impacts the children due to their parents behavior and the importance placed on the pageant. At best, I think it would be best to investigate child abuse when these pageants lead to the mistreatment of children.

  • No, they should restrict them, but not ban them.

    I do not think beauty pageants for children should be banned. I believe the government should place restrictions on them so that children are not taken advantage of, but I think they should be allowed to continue. Beauty pageants for children do no harm as long as everyone involved remembers that these are children, and not adults.

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