• Yes, they should ban cheerleading

    Why?? The reason is because kids, young adults, and even adults could get badly injured like getting kicked in the face or when their doing stunts something could go wrong that can cause you to get badly injured. Another is that they could actually die from this "sport". I heard a 20 year old dies from a kick to the chest and it caused her lungs to collapse. That is a terrible way for ANYONE to die. This is my reason why they should ban cheerleading.

  • It's really boring

    It's boring because there no point in getting hurt. So cheerleeding is really really boring and you can get hurt. It's not safe because when you go in the air and don't catch someone then they would get hurt really bad. So cheerleeding is hurtful and boring. That is my reason

  • Ban it, for the safety of people.

    Though cheerleading is fun, it is also very dangerous with some accidents causing death, while these completions are getting harder the players will try even harder stunts trying to be the best, but eventually crossing the limit and get severely injured. Is cheerleading this really worth the accident? Is it?

  • Should be banned

    Cheerleading should be banned because they could get badly injured.These injuries can turn out to be fatal,such as deaths.Yes,it is very entertaining,but its not so entertaining when you see someone get kicked in the face or even dropped because of stunt issues.There was a girl who went without oxygen for 45 minutes and died,because of this dangerous sport. This is why cheerleading should be banned

  • I believe that cheerleading should be banned.

    Why? Because even if it sucks for you, In a year you will be fine, And lives saved because of it. EVERYTHING is irrelevant when people DIE doing these sports. Cheerleaders would easily be able to adapt to another sport, Move on, And live a safer life. . . Even if professional cheerleaders, Who poured their lives into this, Lose their lives ' work, Chances are they'd have enough money to get a new job. With jobs such as cheerleading coaches, It would be harder. Preferably, The government could help with this. However, Even if they have to find a new job, They saved lives. Simple as that.

  • It is dangerous

    In the past 30 years there have been about 3 people killed because of it. There was one girl that suffered a injury that stopped her breathing, Then the schools defibrillators didn't work, She went 45 minutes without breathing and with the lack of oxygen to her brain caused her t never be able to walk or talk ever again.

  • It is dangerous

    People die when they do cheer a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z a a l i y a h s u r r e n a m a e zs

  • Demeaning and dangerous

    Cheerleading is very demeaning and dangerous to young women. For one, Young cheerleaders don't know and don't expect to be injured. Unlike football, They will be very surprised. In addition, It is very demeaning and objectifying. They wear skimpy and revealing clothing no women should wear. There is no reason for women as young as high schoolers to dress this way. It is very disrespectful to look at young women this way instead of watching a football game, It's very demeaning and not ladylike at all for them to dress like that and cheer men on.

  • Dangerous and Objectifying

    Cheerleading is extremely demeaning to women, And can be dangerous. Now you may be thinking- while a lot of sports are dangerous. The thing is that that's not what young cheerleaders really expect. In addition, The outfits are extremely immodest and not appropriate for young women to wear. Women aren't here to be sex objects for us to look at while watching football games. In addition, It's really weird that young high schoolers are encouraged to do this.

  • Because it is demeaning to women and serves no purpose in games

    Other than to "support" the players who aren't even paying attention to them in the first place. They are loud and obnoxious, Cheering in moments that don't warrant it, If you are sitting in the first few rows at a game and there isn't a real purpose for it.

    It is demeaning because as time goes on, Their outfits get skankier and their roles only perpetuate the gender stereotypes that exist in this country. They are objectified like a Victoria's Secret supermodels and they are usually young girls no older than 21. These women should focus on actual sports and academics and real sports like dancing, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Etc.

  • No! This is coming from a cheerleader!

    Consider this: yes, Cheer has caused 3 deaths in the past 30 years, But football has caused more than 30 in half that amount of time. Yes cheer is considered the most dangerous sport for injuries to occur, But no matter what sport you sign up for death is always a risk. I am a cheer coach in training, And let me tell you this: Us cheer coaches make sure to follow safety precautions and not allow athletes to perform skills they aren't ready for. Pretty much all injuries are a fluke.

    Also, Why do you all care what other people do with their lives? Us cheerleaders put everything we are into our sport. Why would you take away the ONE thing that we love the most?

  • 1 1 1

    Do I even need to explain myself like its cheerleading people are just over protective they need to let loose and calm down about it it is their choice if they play or not so chill I realize people have died but that happens theres nothing else to say.

  • People want cheer banned because of its risks?

    You know that feeling when you wake up and you have plans that afternoon or night? You know- the one where you’re whole day is 193838 times better because you know you have those plans? Or do you have something that motivates you to get up in the morning? Like maybe your wife, Kids, Or job? Well i do to, And mines cheer. I wake up everyday and knowing i have cheer practice after school is what motivates me to get through the day. It’s what brings me alive and gets my adrenaline pumping in the best way possible. We take risks everyday. Everything we do is a risk. Have you ever thought to ask people who’ve been injured by cheering, “do you wish you wouldn’t have started cheering? ” or “if you could go back in time would you choose not to cheer? ” probably not. But if you did i can bet 99. 9% of those people will say no. Yeah cheer is hard and dangerous as i’ll get out. But just because you can’t handle the intensity of cheer doesn’t mean others can’t.

  • It should not be banned

    Well because if it was banned then who would cheer for basket ball players or peeps who play foot ball then we would be sad and lonely and not happy that the women of the modern world would be upset that a famous sport banished for just falling on the ground and break their neck well thats there problem.

  • We have the right to live our lives the way we wish to

    By banning the right for women to cheer and bring joy to the audience, You are also being hypocritical to a women's right to how they live.
    1. Yes they look hot and adorable and they know it, But why should anyone be mad about that? It just means that they take care of themselves and aren't afraid to have fun without embarrassment.
    2. They travel for most fundraisers and support the army, A lot of them are also intelligent and kind.
    3. It's discrimination to anyone who wants to Cheer and bring joy to the audience, Which also include women. And what about little girls who want to cheer as well? Are you just going to tell them no and hand them a baseball bat and force them t join a base ball team or some other sport and make them unhappy? To me that's sick and twisted and your children will always resent you for that!

  • No, Because the risk is everywhere

    You can die or become injured in almost everything even sleep just because cheer can injure you doesn't mean it should be banned because every other sport or thing you do on the daily can hurt you or kill you in some cases not just cheer leading so no they should not ban cheer

  • They should not banned cheerleading because people have a dream and some people follow their dream.

    People who watch football games and other championship games where cheerleaders come out and cheer for there team. Cheerleaders make the crowd ready to go. Up and ready. They make them want to invite more people, cheer on with them and they make other people want to be on when they grow up... Yes they have really short out fits, but think about the beginning of a basketball game. How the cheerleaders come out on the floor and put on a show. A lot of people love that and if we banned cheerleading that would never happen.

  • Banning Cheerleading is an Attack on Personal Freedom

    Really, we're going to ban women from doing an activity/job that they enjoy? Why, exactly? According to some of the answers I've seen, because it's dangerous. If we go by that logic, all dangerous sports should also be banned since they too could cause injury and are technically "unnecessary." Should cheerleading be banned because it objectifies women? Believe it or not, some of us women want to be admired for our physical beauty. We want to dance and perform in front of a roaring crowd of males. And we want to do so without being shamed and harassed by other women. Don't be fooled by the people claiming they're thinking of the cheerleaders best interests; they are bitter naysayers who want to infringe on personal freedom, especially the personal freedom of attractive women who aren't afraid of the male gaze.

  • Is cheerleading really that dangerous

    Cheerleading is dangerous but it isn´t that dangerous enough to be banned. If cheerleading is that dangerous to be banned that means that they will probaly ban alot more other sports. I feel dangerous sports will build up confidence to trust themselves. Some other sports that are very dangerous is gymnastics, football, and even rugby. What I am saying is if you want to ban cheerleading your goiing to have to ban alot more sports and you will have to get through the people who love the sports such as me so do you really want to.

  • It Should not be banned

    It should not be banned because cheerleading can relieves stress and stretch you out. It may cause injuries but they are doing what they love, and it does not matter your gender or age. Cheerleading is important to so many of the people out in the world love this sport and it can turn into their future. People should be able to do what they love.

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