Should governments ban professional cheerleading?

  • Yes, they should ban cheerleading

    Why?? The reason is because kids, young adults, and even adults could get badly injured like getting kicked in the face or when their doing stunts something could go wrong that can cause you to get badly injured. Another is that they could actually die from this "sport". I heard a 20 year old dies from a kick to the chest and it caused her lungs to collapse. That is a terrible way for ANYONE to die. This is my reason why they should ban cheerleading.

  • It's really boring

    It's boring because there no point in getting hurt. So cheerleeding is really really boring and you can get hurt. It's not safe because when you go in the air and don't catch someone then they would get hurt really bad. So cheerleeding is hurtful and boring. That is my reason

  • Ban it, for the safety of people.

    Though cheerleading is fun, it is also very dangerous with some accidents causing death, while these completions are getting harder the players will try even harder stunts trying to be the best, but eventually crossing the limit and get severely injured. Is cheerleading this really worth the accident? Is it?

  • Should be banned

    Cheerleading should be banned because they could get badly injured.These injuries can turn out to be fatal,such as deaths.Yes,it is very entertaining,but its not so entertaining when you see someone get kicked in the face or even dropped because of stunt issues.There was a girl who went without oxygen for 45 minutes and died,because of this dangerous sport. This is why cheerleading should be banned

  • It is dangerous

    So we should ban it. My best friend does cheerleading and her older sister has already gotten hurt from it and I'm scared the same thing will happen to her. Also because they put the females in short skirts and crop tops and it gives the men a different view of them and sexual objects... And I don't like it. It's also a ban influence for younger kids. Ban it.

  • They most definitely should not.

    Yes, I agree cheerleaders are hypersexualized and wear tight clothes, none of them choose to. Most do it because they love to cheer. Everything else is decided by someone else. I think, instead of banning it, we should just stop oversexualizing them. Stop forcing them to wear such tight clothes and do such provocative dances. I am a cheerleader in high school and I love it. I am absolutely obsessed with it and, despite the injuries, exhaustion, anxiety, and stress that comes with it, I would never trade it for anything else in the world. I would hate to have the opportunity taken from me after college, as would a lot of other cheerleaders. We've worked way too hard just to have everything suddenly taken away once we get out of college.

  • Sexual clothing and uncomfortable

    I don't feel comfortable with my husband watching sports anymore. We would go to tons of football and basketball games if it weren't for the sexual and skimpy outfits they pointlessly flaunt themselves in. It's uncomfortable to watch that when your just trying to enjoy the game with your husband.

  • Reasons why cheerleading should be banned.

    Well, I think cheerleading should be banned because of the safety of the girls or boys that are doing stunts. It's incredibly dangerous and has no point to it. Also, think about the men that are watching them cheer in short skirts and crop tops. It gives men a different view of them as sexual objects. The cheerleaders could have a high chance of being rape due to the clothing and the sexual dances. You may think, what about how cheerleading can give you scholarships? I mean, cheerleading can give you one but aren't there other sports like soccer, gymnastics, DANCE, and more? The options are endless and definitely safer. Plus, some other options are even cheaper because let's face it, cheerleading is unreasonably expensive. The uniforms are usually around $50 or more!! Don't you think that's a little bit TOO much for just a bow, skirt, and a crop top? To wrap it up, cheerleading is incredibly dangerous and it's of course a bad influence on younger kids. Ban it.

  • Ban it now

    They can get hurt and they put them in tiny skirts just to make them look sexy and get men awkward boners in sports arena's they need to stop doing this to women ban it there is no place for this in the world any more we need to just grow up

  • Ban it now

    Professional cheerleaders cause men to think of women as objects. They exist on the sideline, wearing short skirts and looking pretty, whilst the male sports players are the heroes. This affects the way that men view women more generally ban it now ban it now ban it now please its the greater good for women

  • They should not banned cheerleading because people have a dream and some people follow their dream.

    People who watch football games and other championship games where cheerleaders come out and cheer for there team. Cheerleaders make the crowd ready to go. Up and ready. They make them want to invite more people, cheer on with them and they make other people want to be on when they grow up... Yes they have really short out fits, but think about the beginning of a basketball game. How the cheerleaders come out on the floor and put on a show. A lot of people love that and if we banned cheerleading that would never happen.

  • Banning Cheerleading is an Attack on Personal Freedom

    Really, we're going to ban women from doing an activity/job that they enjoy? Why, exactly? According to some of the answers I've seen, because it's dangerous. If we go by that logic, all dangerous sports should also be banned since they too could cause injury and are technically "unnecessary." Should cheerleading be banned because it objectifies women? Believe it or not, some of us women want to be admired for our physical beauty. We want to dance and perform in front of a roaring crowd of males. And we want to do so without being shamed and harassed by other women. Don't be fooled by the people claiming they're thinking of the cheerleaders best interests; they are bitter naysayers who want to infringe on personal freedom, especially the personal freedom of attractive women who aren't afraid of the male gaze.

  • Is cheerleading really that dangerous

    Cheerleading is dangerous but it isn´t that dangerous enough to be banned. If cheerleading is that dangerous to be banned that means that they will probaly ban alot more other sports. I feel dangerous sports will build up confidence to trust themselves. Some other sports that are very dangerous is gymnastics, football, and even rugby. What I am saying is if you want to ban cheerleading your goiing to have to ban alot more sports and you will have to get through the people who love the sports such as me so do you really want to.

  • It Should not be banned

    It should not be banned because cheerleading can relieves stress and stretch you out. It may cause injuries but they are doing what they love, and it does not matter your gender or age. Cheerleading is important to so many of the people out in the world love this sport and it can turn into their future. People should be able to do what they love.

  • Its a sport that they like

    Cheer leading is seen as a sport by both makes and females. If people are so opposed why don't they push for male cheer leaders at female events. Bottom line its part of the sport and its a sport on both sides...There is no harm and its good fun for all.

  • They enjoy doing this

    Females and sometimes males will build up body strength. It also improves their work as a team. They will have to know how to trust each other throughout their whole procedure. Yes their could be many improvements but aren't these sports suppose to entertain people. Isn't it suppose to make people get up and actually do something. Now and days people are stuck on technology and social media. The phone companies keep on making newer and better phones that people can't stop buying now. If the government is actually trying to ban these certain sports, hoe would life out to be?

  • Cheerleaders celebrate the beauty of being a female

    Yes cheerleaders ear hot sexy outfits. So what? Celebrating women's beauty and natural sexiness is a good thing. Most men love it, it's the wives who don't. And they use their position as Moms to say it's bad for the kids too. What garbage. Kids see fit, happy, athletic beautiful women dancing and earning good money. They know girls can do anything. It just makes Mom jealous cos Dad is drooling. Get over it. Women are naturally sexy and have an advantage over men, don't take that away. What next, get them to wear burquas?

  • Dont ban it

    It may not be a sport to many of you guys but its a great sport for all ages unless like old old but other than that just because many girls get hurt from it and its the top "sport" (well not a sport yet) for getting hurt but girls injoy it. I am a cheerleader myself i hope to make it to the cowboys cheerleading one day, i am a 14 year old middle school girl so an one day i wanna live off that and get payed to do what i do best (cheer) but i cant do that if they ban it. Just remember how many girls will be mad about it or depressed some girls work and work for a chance to be a professional cheer...Think about others not just yourself, What if you had a little girl that loves cheer as much as i do. Would you wanna ban it then? Exactly. And dont be salty and say you wanna ban it cause you got kicked off the team, or didnt make the team. Dont make other peoples lives miserable just because yours is. A LOT of girls enjoy the sport well soon to be a sport.

  • They have fun

    Most of the injuries are bruises and sprains so 70 percent is not just deaths and braking bones and a death has not happened in years.Ban every other sport if you ban cheerleading because every sport has a risk involved.Cheerleaders sigh up to do cheerleading and they practice so things things don't happen.Cheerleaders also have so much fun with there friend while cheering and it is teaching them good sportsmanship.

  • Do not ban it

    My sister was a amazing cheerleader she was the best she was a flyer and everything else. I love cheerleading i suck at it but I think it's a way to push the players it makes them have confidence in them. And it is also a way to have fun and push yourself. It can be very dangerous my sister has a bad back from it but she did something she loved

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