Should Governments be Required to Provide Girlfriends to Men who are unable to find a Real Girlfriend?

  • Yes, To combat loneliness

    For Men who are unable to get real girlfriends for whatever reasons, The Governments of America and other Nations, Should pay adult women large sums of money to
    Voluntarily be Girlfriends to lonely men, To Voluntarily go out on dates with and have Sexual Relations with lonely Men, So that no man will be Starving for Sex or companionship, Of course when the man goes out in Public with his Government Provided Girlfriend, He doesn't have to tell his family or friends or anyone it's a Government Provided Girlfriend, The guy could just say he met her on an online dating website or at a Social Event, The Government provided Girlfriend would even walk with and hold hands, Hug, Kiss, And give other
    Public displays of Affection in Public, And have Sex with lonely Men, In their homes or in the homes of the Government Provided Girlfriends, The Government Provided Girlfriends would be provided 100 percent Free to lonely Men, It would be Free for lonely Men to get a Government appointed Girlfriend, Granted, Most lonely Men if they had a Choice, Would prefer a Real Girlfriend who Truly Loves them as opposed to a Government appointed Girlfriend, But still a Government appointed Girlfriend like described above would be Far Better than no Girlfriend

  • Incel lives matter!

    This is a classic example of the goose-in-the-pumpkin-pie argument. Need I say anymore? Well, For those of you unfamiliar with the goose-in-the-pie argument it goes as follows: Pumpkin pie is delicious! Like so good my local Walgreens has the best pie (that's where I work, At least I used to before I quit because of my AWFUL manager (total psycho! ) managers am I right? ) The pies were actually just ok but they were cheap and I mean cheap! Especially with the employee discount (which I no longer have) so I don't really get them as often. Nowadays I go to Walmart for my pies, They have the little $1 ones that are pretty good. Goose is not delicious at least not in pumpkin pie I have never actually tried it in pumpkin pie. Suffice it so say: Yes

  • Yes but only to great men

    Losers like incels, Neets and soyboys do not deserve having kids, So they shouldn't have that benefit, Unless they get sterilized. The government should promote great women to date great men, Who are strong, Smart, And good-spirited. I would feel really bad to make women date fat losers who had never talked to a woman besides his mom at all his life, Or soy cuck retards who love netflix, Marvel and nintendo

  • Yeah t j

    Only way for a man to be productive is prospect of pussy my friends, So if goverment does something like this it would boost productivity at least fuckinnn 8fold and solve the incel problem + women get opressed so its a win win situation you can't go wrong with it

  • Expanding human-centric wellfare

    If we conclude that wellfare is a necessary for the fullness of the human experience to be enjoyed, We also should accept what that entitles; man and that by the virtue of their appearence ot caharcter are not able to find a partner, Should receive government aid to do so in order to enjoy of this experenence so important to all humans.

  • You don't want a beta uprising

    You think you're oppressed? Try being a gamer. Us gamers are constantly under attack by the left and right wing. Constantly being friendzoned and attacked all for enjoying a hobby that actually improves your critical thinking and problem solving skills! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, America! Thx admin

  • Governments, Charities need to Act, Help lonely people, Show we care

    Not just Governments, But also public and private charities, Should help lonely people. Be more proactive, Provide girlfriends to lonely, Disabled, Mentally ill, Socially Awkward, And other Men who are unable to get Real Girlfriends, As well as provide boyfriends to women who are unable to get real boyfriends, Loneliness, Lack of companionship is a very serious problem in today's World, It's like a different type of pandemic, Studies have shown loneliness really is deadly for many people, It's no joke, Pets like Dogs, Cats are good, But people need Human Companionship,
    Human Companionship, In the Bible book of Genesis. God knew it was not good for the man Adam to be alone, So he created Eve,
    it is Not good for anyone to be alone, Male or female,
    We need to show compassion, Sympathy and empathy for lonely people who are unable to get Sex or Relationships, This idea of appointed girlfriends, Or boyfriends is Not Sexist or Misogynist. Of course, The lonely Men would be required to treat the Government Appointed Girlfriends with respect, Physical or emotional abuse would Not be tolerated,
    The Girlfriends appointed by Charities and/or Governments, Would go out on dates, Have Sex with lonely men, As described in the post on the YES section on the comments to this debatequestion that starts with the words
    "Yes, To combat loneliness"
    Girlfriends appointed by Governments and/or Charities could have their Real Boyfriends and Real Husbands when Not dating and having Sex with lonely Men,

  • Do you want cuddle forms

    The government is generally bad at every thing it does this is a FACT

    So if you had a universal girlfriend program the quality of your relationship would suffer she would be less sweet more bitchy and you would probably have to fill out cuddle forms before cuddling

    Soooo just leave it in the private sector

  • That idea will not work out

    So the Japanese actually did it in world war 2. They asked for women to volunteer. Guess what? There was not enough woman because no sane women would volunteer.

    So they took Korean and Chinese women and any women they could capture they even snagged some European women. They suffered greatly and had STD and most of them died. I cannot give you the details because they are too graphic.

    So if the government ever tried to do that I will do everything in my power to dismantle it. Those are mothers and sisters and daughters. And they deserve to live in freedom and will not be forced to be with pigs.

  • No thank you

    That's f***ing weird. Why would you force someone into a government mandated relationship?

    I'm pretty damn sure there are people that are 100% happy being alone; rich, Poor, Man, Or woman.

    Predatory woman would use that program to say there was rape when there wasn't.

    Predatory men would use this program to physically abuse woman.

    This is a terrible idea.

  • Reeeeereerr reese reeeeeee

    R g f g g f ree÷eeeeeeeeee rrreeee is the only way I think about it because of some decent things that are you talking to me and saying you are not going anywhere on your own behalf or just because of the virus that is the only way you guys have a

  • No literally why are men like this

    We are not the source to combat your loneliness. If you can't get a girlfriend then oh well too bad so sad, There are bigger things going on in the world. Focus on that.

    Get a dog or something if you are so lonely that it has led you to think it's okay to objectify women to the point that we would be GOVERNMENT PROPERTY. My goodness

  • Why is this even being suggested?

    Firstly the money put into this scheme would be much better spent on free health care or job seekers benefit etc.

    Secondly this is basically prostitution. Which as I understand is illegal in some countries. So why would you force them to adopt this?

    Thirdly that is not a healthy relationship. I know it's not a particularly nice thing to say but if you'd actually like for this to be implemented the problem is with you and you need to work on it. A life does not revolve around having a partner and having one will not fix it.

    Also and this is just a shot in the dark here but the question seems to be specifically aimed at men which brings me to the conclusion that the author is on the more misogynistic side of things with a more skewed idea of what a relationship is and the role of each person in it. Again that's just me reading into it a bit and I hope to god that's not the authors intentions as it just creates even more problems with this question.

    Finally as mentioned in a previous reply there would also be cause for concern that this type of thing could cultivate unhealthy abusive relationships or be used to trick an individual etc.

    To conclude I'm not quite sure why I've written so much here seeing as the clear answer to this question is god no. But then again I suppose you could type for hours on the various reasons why.

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